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Based on the true story of the Buddha: The battles of a Prince who rejects riches and power, risking insanity and death, in a quest to find ultimate freedom. Synopsis PDF Excerpt

Written by: Steve Weissman     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: Orlando Bloom
Brad Pitt
Jennifer Lopez
In the Vein Of: Gandhi
A Beautiful Mind
Posted: 11/23/2007
Updated: 09/01/2018
Author Bio: Steve has been a Buddhist Meditation Teacher since 1988. Though now living most of the year in Australia, Steve has also taught in the USA, Europe, Thailand and Singapore.

Steve's been writing screenplays since 2002. Six of his scripts have won screenplay contests, eight have made finals. Altogether he has 7 wins, 54 other finals, 31 semifinals and 32 quarterfinals. His other finalist scripts are:

"The Burden of Angels" a short comedy "For Life" a drama about euthanasia "Love, Mysterious" a fantasy romantic comedy "Mr. Joe President" a political drama "Open your eyes, Dude" a romantic comedy "The Kalama Awakening" a religious cult drama "Vicki in Viewland" a fantasy comedy

Contest Results: Indie Gathering (Finalist, 4th place) [2016]
Marquee Lights (Finalist) [2015]
Beverly Hills Fest (Finalist) [2014]
WriteMovies Monthly (WMCm) (First Place) [2006]
Script Pipeline Screenplay (Finalist) [2007]
Table Read (Finalist) [2010]
Aura Screenwriter Awards (Semifinalist) [2015]
Nashville Fest (Quarterfinalist) [2014]
How To Get Produced (Second Place) [2011]
Creative World (Finalist) [2012]
Screenplay Festival (Finalist, Honorable Mention) [2010]
EXPOSURAMA (Finalist) [2010]
Twin Rivers (Finalist) [2012]
Screenplay Search (Finalist) [2012]
Charleston International (Finalist) [2009]
PAGE International (Quarterfinalist, Double genre placings) [2007]
Movie Deal! (Finalist) [2008]
SkyFest (Finalist) [2009]
WriteMovies (Finalist) [2009]
Red Inkworks (Finalist) [2007]
Extreme Feature (Finalist) [2006]
Sound Heritage (Finalist) [2007]
Royal Treatment (Finalist) [2007]
Waterfront (Finalist) [2008]
Fade In (Semifinalist) [2008]
BlueCat Contest (Quarterfinalist, top 10%) [2007]
Writers On The Storm (Quarterfinalist) [2006]
StoryPros International (Quarterfinalist) [2011]
SCRIPTOID Feature (Semifinalist) [2011]
FilmMakers/Feature (Semifinalist) [2011]
Script Showcase (Quarterfinalist) [2012]
Reel Authors (Quarterfinalist) [2012]
Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition (Quarterfinalist) [2006]