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A womanizing artist uncovers more than the nudes he captures on canvas when he risks all against the unbridled abuse of power and finds the true power of love and honor. FOUR FIRST PLACE WINS and RECOMMENDS.

Written by: T. L. Lewis     [Contact Author]    Interviews
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Mid
Starring Roles For: Henry Cavill
Colin Firth
Blake Lively
In the Vein Of: Braveheart
Three Musketeers
based on, inspired by true events
Posted: 01/08/2008
Updated: 03/31/2012
Author Bio: Screenwriter: Website: Bio: 19 plus Screenwriting Awards Four First Place wins for Rebirth Two First Place Wins for Beyond Reason

Associate Producer: Indy Fans

* "REBIRTH" is an iconic classic in the making. The characters are rich with insight and dripping with humanity." Script Vamp coverage

* "This script has all the classic markings of a Hollywood success. This larger-than-life tale is not to be ignored. Recommend." Dream Quest GRAND PRIZE Winner.

* FIRST PLACE WINNER "One the best scripts we have ever read! The characters, locations and story are exciting, rich, and would dazzle any cinema going audience.

* Delivered like a newborn, naked, screaming, and with tenderness. It has what we call the holy trinity... sex, violence and a well crafted story. Bravo!!!! Recommend!!!"

* "REBIRTH is a classic masterpiece, a sweeping romantic adventure that transcends generations. This is the type of story that is critically acclaimed, wins awards and attracts actors. " Coverage from Terri Zinner, Los Angeles.

* BIG APPLE FILM FESTIVAL 09 SCREENPLAY FIRST PLACE Winner: Given a commercial potential score of 10 out of 10.

* "Two lovers struggle to survive, while maintaining their commitment to each other and the shattered humanity around them&a weaving of considerable tragedy with hope and rebirth. Recommend."

* Extreme Screenwriting gives Rebirth a Recommend. "The story presents a message that spans the generations... an extraordinary work." Barb Doyan

* Excerpt from Extreme judge: _"Rebirth"_ is a stunningly-visual, extraordinarily-researched story with well-written dialogue and fully-developed characters. Judge can feel the writers deep attachment and feelings for this personal family saga..." Top Ten Finalist.

* "The story is engaging from page one, and doesnt miss a beat thereafter. Rebirth is a lucid and lively work that will engage both lovers of romance, while appeasing those who are more engaged by sequences of action. It manages to make the period come alive, and whets the appetite for more... Recommend." ScriptVamp for Dream Quest.

* "What an impressive epic love story! It has romance, betrayal, murder, war, noble men standing for a noble cause. These elements are what sell this script: the massive nature of this story and the complexity of the events." Script Pro (Top 20)

* "Captivating story from the lead in right through to the rewarding climax. Solid entertainment value." Larry Myles, Red Inkworks (Top 50)

* "This script has it all--from the love and romance, to the martyrs and heroes staking their lives on the quest for peace and justice, to the heartbreaking tragedy, death and despair. I LOVED IT!" Sasha Lauren, Epiphany Scripts. First Draft: FIRST PLACE

* "REBIRTH spans the bridge from European classics to Hollywood high concept, and then reaches out and touches the heart of the American Heartland." Mark Hastings, Judge, Project Greenlight Finalist First Draft

* "The rich symbolism in Rebirth, is what makes it a story to be re-read or a film that will be seen again and again." When the film does well, possibly a French counter series to the "Tudors". Rose DuSeigneur, French history scholar.

* "This sweeping epic is instructive for all time. A classic. I highly recommend REBIRTH to anyone looking for a certain international hit." Steven P. Mark, Entertainment Attorney, NYC


Un artiste français de la Renaissance découvre plus que la nudité qu'il capture sur la toile, quand il trouve l'amour qui change sa vie et un combat contre la terreur qui change le destin d'une nation. Basé sur une histoire vraie avec la passion de "Braveheart" et la promesse de "Ever After


22 Screenwriting Awards for "Rebirth" and "Beyond Reason".

Associate Producer, "Indy Fans" IMDb




Co-Founder, Discovery Institute

"Honor is not bound by our beliefs, but found in our humanity."

Contest Results: Epiphany (First Place, Excellent Coverage)
Big Apple (First Place) (First Place)
ScriptVamp/Feature (First Place, Grand Prize Winner)
Blazing Quill (Second Place)
Brass Brad (Third Place)
Contest of Contest Winners (Finalist, Top Ten List)
Fresh Voices Feature (Semifinalist, Culture and Heritage Award)
WriteMovies (Finalist)
Moondance (Finalist)
Scriptshark Insider (Finalist)
Project Greenlight (Finalist, Accolades from Peers)
Red Inkworks (Finalist, Top 50)
Wisc. Screenwriters (Finalist)
Movie Deal! (Finalist, TOP TEN HISTORICAL)
PAGE International (Quarterfinalist, Top 25)
Philadelphia Screenplay (Finalist, Honorable Mention)
StoryPros Awards (Semifinalist, (Top 20))
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FirstGlance (Semifinalist)
Spirit Quest (Semifinalist, Still in progress)
FilmMakers/Feature (Quarterfinalist)