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A disabled germophobic scholar, a Black/Swedish hip-hop poet, a multiple personality John Doe, and a martial arts Asian Mensa chick want to collect a $10 million court settlement for their 'Big Idea' - a telephone condom. Winner of 3 'Best Screenplay' award, 1 'Best Dialogue' award.

Written by: David J Schroeder     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: Lucy Liu
Steve Buscemi
Jim Carrey
In the Vein Of: The Three Stooges

Posted: 01/27/2012
Updated: 04/01/2017
Author Bio: Winner of 55 'Best' screeplay awards with 6 different scripts since 2010.

THIS MODERN MAN IS BEAT, screenplay written by David J Schroeder, with actor Jordi Vilasuso, and director Alex Merkin premiered in London's Raindance FF, wom Nice IFF's JURY AWARD, and LAIFFA's BEST PICTURE AWARD.

Contest Results: L.A. Film & Script (First Place)
Houston Comedy (First Place, 2014)
Laugh or Die (First Place, 2013)
Cannes Screenplay (Second Place, 2015, Feature Comedy)
Vegas Indie (Third Place, 2013)
Smashcut (Third Place)
Mockfest Hollywood (Finalist, 2011 top 5)
Independent Film Quarterly (Finalist, 2012, 4th Place)
Los Angeles Independent (Finalist, Oct. 2015, winner pending)
Slamdance (Quarterfinalist, 2009 Script Accessible)
Beverly Hills Fest (Finalist)
L.A. Cinema Film Fest (Finalist, 8th Place)
Stage 32/Happy Writers Screenplay (Semifinalist)
Queens (Finalist)
Red Inkworks (Finalist)
Hollywood Screenplay (Finalist)
Indie Gathering (Finalist, 4th Place)
Woods Hole (Finalist, 5th Place)
BlueCat Contest (Quarterfinalist)
Screenplay Search (Semifinalist, 10th Place)
Circus Road (Semifinalist)
FilmStream (Semifinalist, 2009)
L.A. Cinema Festival (Honorable Mention, 2010 top 20)
Cannes Latitude (Quarterfinalist, 2015, Official Selection)
Courier (Quarterfinalist, winner pending)
L.A. Underground (Honorable Mention, Top 7)
Indie Fest USA (Quarterfinalist, top 16)
Script Showcase (Quarterfinalist)
Back in the Box (Quarterfinalist)
L.A. Reel (Honorable Mention, 8th Place)