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LOG LINE: A young girl begins her life as an Asian martial arts Mensa chick in search of the American Dream. SYNOPSIS: Lana Liu, disguised as a boy, enters a Chinese martial arts academy, only to be discovered. She fights to support her grandmother, and begin her journey to the home of her father, the USA. Winner of 4 'Best Screenplay' awards.

Written by: David J Schroeder     [Contact Author]
Format: Short Screenplay
Posted: 01/27/2012
Updated: 11/10/2018
Author Bio: STARZ Denver Film Festival: "We love the collision of the East and West, traditional and popular culture. This script is economical and disciplined with wonderful snapshots and imagery. The title character is precisely articulated in an unpredictable way. The jury gives the inaugural Shorts Screenplay Award to Becoming Lana Liu."

Contest Results: Aura Screenwriter Awards (First Place) [2015]
KCWIFT Short (Second Place, 2016 Female Antagonist) [2016]
Sacramento Fest (Finalist) [2018]
South Carolina Underground (Finalist) [2017]
HollyShorts (Finalist) [2016]
Winnipeg Real to Reel (Third Place) [2014]
Denver Film Festival (First Place, Starz) [2012]
San Francisco Global (Finalist, Top 10) [2015]
Los Angeles Independent (Finalist, July 2015) [2015]
Back in the Box (First Place) [2010]
Omaha (First Place) [2012]
Las Vegas Screenplay (Finalist, 4th Place) [2015]
SENE Film Festival (Finalist, Top 5) [2014]
Irvine Film Festival (Finalist, Top 7) [2014]
ScreenCraft Short (Semifinalist, 2,400 entries) [2015]
Screenwriter Takes All (Second Place)
Urban Mediamakers (Second Place) [2012]
Alaska International (Third Place) [2013]
Brownfish Short Film Festival (Finalist, Top 4) [2012]
International Family (IFFF) (Finalist, Top 4) [2013]
Amsterdam (Finalist, 4th Place) [2013]
Directors Circle (Finalist, 4th Place)
SCRIPTOID Feature (Finalist, Mini-Challenge, top 7) [2010]
Kids First! (Finalist, Recommend Status)
Short Script To Screen (Finalist, top 10, winner pending)
Creative World (Quarterfinalist, top 17) [2011]
BlueCat Contest (Quarterfinalist) [2012]
Woods Hole (Honorable Mention, 4th Place) [2011]
Indie Gathering (Honorable Mention, 5th Place) [2011]
Golden Age (Quarterfinalist)