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Beneath the Earth

When seismic activity awakens an army of acid-spewing spiders from the abandoned Kola Superdeep Borehole, American scientists and soldiers must confront the creatures' unrelenting terror, only to discover a deadly secret lab and a monstrous queen lurking below the Earth's surface.


Forgotten Plans

Years after the death of Osama bin Laden, a thumb drive lists future terrorists attacks in the United States to avenge his death. As our intelligence agencies seek to identify the possible targets, the bombers strike. Their final target, the underwater BART tube linking SF to Oakland, CA.


House on Haunted Hill: Resurrection

Frederick Loren, after serving two decades for the murder of his wife, reopens the notorious mansion for a haunted house party, aiming to expose the psychics he's invited. Unbeknownst to him, the malevolent presence of Inquisitor Torquemada and his relentless henchmen emerges, turning the night into a relentless battle for survival and sanity. Script Excerpt


Hitting Rock Bottom

A group of at-risk high school students is sent to a newly created military-style boot-camp academy - the last chance to turn their lives around. There they meet a hard-nosed but fair retired police sergeant running the academy in partnership with the U.S. Army. Based on a true story.


The Fourth Reich

Modern-day Nazis steal the remains of Hitler from the Russian Secret Police (FSB) to clone kidnapped females and “resurrect” their former leader while be tracked by a female FBI agent who believes that the ends justify the means.

Go Pro!