The LA Project

Parallel worlds collide in this comedic thriller when an unwitting conspiracy podcaster and the determined, crime-fighting woman he falls for are framed for a double murder on Wall Street. Time is running out as they discover the only way to prove their innocence is to solve a layered mystery that links the real villains to the murky underworld of corporate and government crime.

Written by:
In the Vein Of:
Inspired by The Hottest Place on Earth
Get Smart
Author Bio:
Alfred Cool has written a pilot, 8 novels and multiple short stories about the B.C. coast, as only a local can, bringing to life through compelling and uniquely Canadian stories the raw and bold characters living where Canada’s mountains meet Earth’s greatest ocean. Since 2010, he has won awards in short story contests, has published stories in Toronto’s Danforth Review and New York’s The Otter e-zines, and has contributed to three Canadian anthologies.

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