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Ilium Ridge

To brothers Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, the First World War is but a game to stave off the boredom of immortality. To Captain Achilles, the Man Who Cannot Be Killed, it is a curse to be avoided at all costs, as the gods, battles and magic of Homer's Iliad are transplanted to the bloody trenches of the last century.

Starring Roles For:
Agamemnon: Hugh Grant
Odysseus: Idris Elba
Helen: Meghan Markle
In the Vein Of:
Paths of Glory
Author Bio:
Glen Cram is a Toronto artist and web developer, with a background in anthropology and education. He has recently published the first volume of The Acts of Simon Magus in the First Century AD, the journals of the Gnostic sorcerer who became the original Antichrist.

Ron Hier studied filmmaking in the MFA program at UUSC, and currently works as a research lawyer in Toronto and is the co-author of Music and the Law in Canada (Carswell, 2000) and Model Agreements for Visual and Media Artists (CARFAC 2004).

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