The Director's Girlfriend

His marriage on the rocks, a once hot screenwriter now turned lush finds himself in over his head when he falls for the sexy, psychotic young girlfriend of his sleazy movie director neighbor.

Lying dead next to a swimming pool in the Hollywood Hills, screenwriter HOWARD CHILDS tells his story in flashback and VO. He meets the mentally unbalanced FAY. They fall in love, get married, and she goes on medication. They move into a house with man-hungry LINDA BLAIR as one neighbor and sleazy director MAX TUTTLE as another. Later, his career and marriage begin to falter.

One morning Howard is mesmerized by SIERRA, a hot young blonde auditioning for one of Max’s movies. It doesn’t help that later Howard and Fay overhear Max having wild sex all night.

The next morning, Howard finds an excuse to meet Sierra face to face. Max appears and, as Sierra goes for a swim, he pours drinks and brags to Howard about the hot sex. When she climbs out all wet, Max runs for his Viagra. She flirts with Howard.

The following morning after Max leaves, Howard goes over to his house, wavering between lust and cowardice. Sierra tempts him with liquor. They make love. Howard feels guilty. She doesn’t.

At Max's party that night Fay watches Sierra like a hawk. Fay and Howard drink and argue. He finally heads home, passing out on the way. Fay stays and passes out by the pool. Max passes out. Max later wakes and grabs his videocam, waking Fay when he goes in for a cleavage shot. Half conscious, she slugs him, and the camera falls, capturing Max as he staggers back into the pool. Lying in the grass up the hill, Howard wakes, sees Sierra beside the pool, and passes out again.

In a drunken stupor, Howard wakes up and pees in Max’s pool, not noticing Max floating in the water or Sierra watching nearby. She suddenly screams, accusing Howard of killing Max. Howard remembers what he saw last night - Sierra drowned him! But she shows him the tape of Fay slugging Max into the pool. Fay, hearing the screams, shows up, and is convinced she killed Max. Sierra implicates Howard to the cops who show up. They haul him off for questioning before he’s even had his morning drink.

The detectives grill Howard, but he can’t turn Sierra in or she’ll turn in Fay. They release him and he arrives home that night to find the house locked up. Miserable, he lets Sierra tempt him back with a drink. Fay bursts in with a gun as they’re having sex. She forces them outside and Howard realizes she’s off her meds. He realizes he still loves her and won’t let her take the fall for Max’s death. Fay wavers. Fed up, Sierra announces that she drowned Max for cheating on her, and reminds them that Howard cheated on Fay. Fay tries, but can’t kill him. She laughs at Sierra for thinking Howard could make her a star. Furious, Sierra grabs the gun and shoots him. His last words to Fay are to find the tape. Gloating, Sierra struts around the pool, only to slip, hit her head, fall in, and drown.

Back to the beginning. The cops discover that Howard’s written the name of his killer – Linda Blair! In voiceover he admits that yeah, Sierra killed him, but Linda Blair bugged him for far too long. The cops find Fay in the house, watching the found tape. She didn’t kill Max. At that moment, Howard’s agent calls – he’s sold Howard’s script. Son-of-a-bitch

Starring Roles For:
Ben Stiller
Brian Cox
Break out young female role
In the Vein Of:
Sunset Boulevard
Body Heat
Author Bio:

Michael Kenney works a movie research job and likes to drink. The Director's Girlfriend was a semifinalist in the Fall 2017 We Screenplay Diverse Voices contest and the Screencraft Comedy Contest.

Contest Results:
ScreenCraft Comedy (Semifinalist, Entered as THE BARELY LEGAL...) [2017]
Diverse Voices (Semifinalist) [2017]