E Pluribus Unum

Virginia 1861 - a highly profitable, free plantation supported by Abolitionists in political, intellectual, and artistic circles is attacked by pro-slavers. Two former slaves - one a fighter, the other a pacifist, head out to seek help from President Lincoln

What if capitalism married to socialist principles, comes up against slavery in the Deep South just prior to the Civil War?

Late Summer of 1860 - early 1861. The leaders of the reclusive estate "E Pluribus Unum"(EPU) – WILLIAM and LOVEDAY WESTCOTT, who are not what they seem, maintain a fortress of free people - former slaves, First Nations, and talented individuals from around the world who contribute their knowledge, unique skills, and technology.

While EPU may be off-limits to strangers, the Estate is loved and supported by famous abolitionist politicians, Quakers, artists, and intellectuals.

William brings home two former enslaved families headed by LUIS BRAXTON and XAVIER PAIGE. Luis blames Xavier for the death of his two elder sons who fought alongside him while Xavier stood by. Embittered, Luis joins EPU's militia and turns his back on his youngest son, OPIE - an artist, not a fighter. Xavier works to fulfill his dream of becoming a lawyer. When Luis attacks Xavier it's only William sharing his own inner pain that gives Luis a way out of the psychological prison he’s created for himself.

EPU happens to be the most profitable plantation in the Deep South. Jealous Pro-slavers fund the local “red-necks” to attack EPU. While the Community is victorious, they pay a deadly price...

With the Estate now vulnerable, Luis is chosen to seek help from their friends in Washington, but he’s now a “loose cannon” and no one is willing to accompany him. Xavier sacrifices his opportunity to defend EPU’s sovereignty in the corrupt Virginia court, to go with him.

So begins an unlikely partnership, marred by further tragedy, but through their ordeal Luis understands the meaning of friendship, family, and the power of love.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Idris Elba
David Oyelowo
Jude Law/Michael Fassbender
Author Bio:
I’ve always been curious - since forever it’s been science, but now I’m into exploring Character as a screenwriter and actor. Main focus is Drama - exploring the complex, often fragile relationship between a parent and offspring. The sub-genres - Thrillers and Sci-Fi, underpin the narrative arc. My strengths include building rich story worlds, creating empathy via 3-D Characters, and having a highly committed, "whatever-it-takes" work ethic. Optioned, and a Comp Finalist for Features & TV.

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Contest Results:
Atlanta (Semifinalist, Still under consideration.) [2021]
Los Angeles International (Finalist) [2019]