Just Divorced, or how to rob the Maffia

After 40 years of marriages, two 60-year-old men are happily divorced but broke. They start dating new ladies, lie about their ages and wealth and decide to rob the maffia to live happy ever after.

Adapted from the Dutch novel there also is an English 23 min AUDIOBOOK version producers can listen to as synopsis on and here:


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Outside of a courthouse, 60-year-old dull, religious Harry bumps into lively George, who like him is just divorced and broke. Harry is sad, George happy: Free at last. To save money, cheerful George persuades Harry to rent an apartment together. Harry cleans up and cooks, while George dreams about a future in great wealth. But not on his own. He starts Internet dating a new girl. Of course George and his online lady lie about their age and wealth. As a result and because of their internet nicknames, George does not fond out it is Harry’s sexy ex-wife Cora who is online.

As the second just divorced ex-wife who on the other hand is extremely religious meets Cora they also get friends. Like George and Harry they try to create a happy last ten years. Therefore Cora persuades her Christian girlfriend to start dating as well. Under the internet nickname ‘Angel,’ she meets the man of her dreams who happens to be Harry, eagerly looking for a woman to spend his life on Bible studies and church visits. We see two men exchanging wives, without noticing.

Deeply in love George is the first to make promises to his new internet girlfriend to live happy ever after, and rich, on a sunny island in the Caribbean. So he decides to rob the Maffia. Harry won’t steal. But as a loyal and dumb friend he will help. Next Friday they will steal the money courier’s suitcase. Unfortunately it is filled with old newspapers. The 'Maffia robbed the Maffia' before our two friends stepped in. George collapses in a nervous breakdown. Now Harry steps in. He also made promises. He booked a journey to the Vatican with his internet Angel. And stealing from the Mafia is not stealing after all. This is justice: Bringing money back where it belongs, into the economy. Better still, Harry will spend it in the Vatican. So, under his lead they succeed to find the swapped suitcase and now they are rich.

When a policeman appears, everything seems to be over. Luckily Harry is smart enough to hand over the case with old newspapers. With the good suitcase Harry and George rush to the airport to discover that Harry’s ex now is in make up and also sexy dressed. These two women taught each other a lot of life. Like our friends also did without noticing. - native English translatedry is much looser now. And George? Atheist George prays and thanks God he got rich.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Morgan Freeman
Michael Caine
Whoopi Goldberg
In the Vein Of:
Last Vegas
Going in Style
The maiden Heist
Author Bio:
Benn Flore is a Dutch (screen)writer. He wrote his first book and TV-scetches 40 years ago. In 2010 he decided to pick up writing again. His first novel 'Three Religions, one Killer' was award winning and so was his first screenplay 'Just Divorced, or how to rob the Maffia'. One of his stories, adapted into a short movie in Italy 'L'ultimo Ballo' made it to finalist in some contests and short 'Just Divorced' won peoples choice award in St. Petersburg.

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Contest Results:
Cannes Golden Plume (First Place) [2017]
Beverly Hills Fest (Finalist) [2018]
Rome Independent (Honorable Mention, Selected) [2018]
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