K-9 Cop

A cranky police officer dies and ends up in the body of a police dog in order to bring down a criminal organization and help a teenager get over a big loss in his family.

"K-9 Cop" is written along the lines of films like "A Dog's Purpose" and "Turner and Hooch". This is an adaptation of my novel of the same title with a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. The story is about a macho cop, Spencer, who needs to redeem himself before he may enter heaven. Only the J.R.P. (The Jerk Redemption Program) can help him now. His mission is to help a troubled teenager, Justin, and his dysfunctional family. If he fails he must endure 100 years of sensitivity training which comprises of Oprah and Dr. Phil reruns. The hitch? He can only go back in the body of his K-9 partner. Like it or not, he’s a dog now. He also swallowed an important microchip that criminal hackers need to execute their evil plan; so the thugs are in hot pursuit of the dog. At first, Spencer and Justin butt heads, but they bond in their quest to bring the criminals to justice. Justin, a computer whiz-kid, aids Spencer in finding the hackers and Spencer helps Justin overcome his obstacles. The criminals finally capture the boy and dog. Can Spencer maul the shins (and other choice areas) of the thugs and save Justin?

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
a 40s Tom Hanks type
16-year old boy
17 year old girl
In the Vein Of:
Turner & Hooch

Contest Results:
Creative Screenwriting (Finalist) [2019]
WriteMovies (Finalist) [2019]
Hollywood Scriptwriting (First Place) [2006]
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