Happy New Year

Felicia hosts a New Year's Eve party only to have everyone leave to go to patient, Edna Stowell's, house which gets robbed.

New Year's Eve is approaching, and Felicia decides to host a party. No one wants to attend, except Brent, who has a new girlfriend, Edna Stanley, the phlebotomist from the lab. Felicia begs Al and Sandy to attend. When Brent and Edna arrive, Edna's deadpan personality and threats to poke everyone to draw blood, dampens the party considerably. Al is called out to install a Help Alert machine and he readily leaves. The others are persuaded to stay because of the karaoke machine. Al enjoys himself with food and movies at patient Edna Stowell's house. She complains about the phlebotomist from the hospital - Edna Stanley. As they finish a movie, Art and Olaf show up, complaining that Felicia keeps singing Wind Beneath My Wings. They get into party mode as well. Finally, everyone else shows up. Edna Stowell goes to bed, but tells them to stay. As they're fighting over Twister and T.V., the electricity goes out. The place is being robbed. The thief is the book bandit and he's trying to steal Edna Stowell's copy of Napoleon's Book of Poetry, worth millions. The cops drag him away, and the episode ends back at the office with Felicia whining about no one liking her party, Brent whining because Edna broke up with him, and Al happy because he plans to go to Edna Stowell's house for next year's New Year's Eve party.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
John Ratzenberger
Catherine Hicks
Leigh-Allyn Baker
In the Vein Of:
The Middle

Author Bio:
Masters in Communication, BS in Psychology. Associate producer of the movie Turnover. Author of middle grade book - Isasnora Snores. Journalist and playwright. Also did stand-up comedy - a very short stint in stand-up! Graduate of ScreenwritingU - ProSeries class. Web site: