Fighting Johnny O'Brian (female lead)

For a parole board hearing, a 53 year-old black civil rights attorney gets appointed - despite her protests - to represent a white man who's been in prison 20 years for killing 2 black police officers.

I just wrote out the entire Synopsis and then the site crashed and it's after midnight now. Can i get a little sympathy here?

The "female lead" version of Fighting Johnny O'Brian - with "Ruby Malone" in the lead - has a similar synopsis to the original version of FJO - which has "Dave Malone" in the lead. That Synopsis is attached to the original version, also listed here on MovieBytes.

This new version - with the female lead - is 90% the same as the original script, but this new version is better.

Thanks for not making me re-write the Synopsis - Terry Lynam

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Viola Davis
a young sean penn type
50's Black Actor
In the Vein Of:
inspired by true events

Author Bio:
Played baseball at UConn. Army captain in war zone (Bronze Star). I've completed 10 feature screenplays.

The short version of Fighting Johnny O'Brian won First Place in the 2018 Creative World Awards shorts contest. That short has been shot and is in the editing process.

Fighting Johnny O'Brian finished as Semi-Finalist or better in 10 international contests since 2018. A "Highly Recommend" from Paul W. Cooper - "Little House on the Prairie," 3 Emmies, Writers Guild Award

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