Rebel Tides

When modern warfare meets medieval, a tyrannical monster of a man takes control of England. A former member of the SAS closes himself off from the apocalyptic world until its savagery finds its way to his doorstep. He will be forced to make a choice, to abstain, or intervene, but what he doesn't know is that the oppressive king is his former brother in arms and best friend, long thought dead.

Graham, our hero, is a member of an elite SAS anti-terrorism task force. Our story begins in London. Graham revisits his painful past and his inner conflict is evident from the start of the film. He remembers the murder of his mother and the abuse from his alcoholic father. Graham’s SAS unit raids a terrorist’s hideout finding evidence of the world’s impending doom. After the mission goes awry, and most of his unit is killed by a suicide bomber, he resigns his commission in the hopes of protecting his family, believing that the only way to protect them is to be by their side. This decision will have long lasting consequences.

The only other survivor of the raid is Graham’s best friend, Kade, the antagonist of the story. Kade has spent years suppressing a murderous monster that continually tries to claw out of his soul. As Graham resigns from the SAS, Kade feels abandoned, and the beast within him is unleashed.

Graham discovers the plague that has been sweeping his country. He sees the brutality and suffering of the English people. After coming upon a town ravaged by Kade and his army, Graham makes a choice to intervene as Kade’s atrocities shake him out of apathy.

Graham is seriously injured in battle but continues to fight. Will he defeat the evil monster who has taken over his long-time friend, and in doing so save both his family and his country, or will he lack the resolve to do all that is necessary?

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hardy
Elizabeth Olsen
Author Bio:
I am 33 years old and have been writing for several years. This script also won Best Feature Screenplay in the Royal Wolf Film Awards, Pinnacle Film Awards, and the Olympus Film Festival. It was named a finalist in the Rocky Mountain International Film Festival, the Independent Talents International Film Festival, the Lonely Seal International Film Festival, and the Changing Face International Film Festival. It was also an official selection in the Queen Palm International Film Festival.

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Contest Results:
Mindfield Film Festival (First Place) [2019]
Colorado Fest (Finalist) [2019]
Barnstorm Fest (Finalist) [2019]
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