Beyond Forever

A man that tragically lost his wife and son decides to leave his remaining family, friends and successful career behind by signing up for a one-way trip to Mars as part of an experimental volunteer space exploration program.

David is a successful executive at a powerful law firm. But one fateful night during the holidays, he tragically loses his wife and son in a devastating accident. After several months grieving, David is still struggling with the loss. At that time, visionary technology billionaire Ethan Erickson launches a contest seeking volunteers for a one-way trip to Mars to colonize the planet. Feeling there is nothing left for him on Earth, David enters the contest, and is selected to be part of a pool of people from where the contest winners will be selected.   Over the following months of the program, David meets Claire , a free spirit, good-natured lady hoping to start over on Mars also. The two strike up a close friendship, but when Claire's feelings for David become deeper, David is conflicted over whether it is right to have feelings for someone after tragedy. As the time draws closer for departure to Mars for the rest of his life, David must make amends with his grief and guilt over his wife and son, his feelings for Claire, making sure his surviving family members understand his reasoning for leaving them behind, and if he truly wants to leave, or is he looking for a reason to live again on Earth.

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I am a highly-energetic, screenwriting visionary who’s diverse personal hobbies and experiences help shape truly amazing worlds for movies. Unique screenplay subjects and artistic delivery contributes to a truly dynamic storytelling experience.

I am an honorably discharged, highly-decorated, former member of the US Air Force. I spent my career working Military Intelligence on foreign soil and supporting NASA as part of Air Force Space Command in the USA.

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Final Draft/Big Break (Quarterfinalist) [2019]