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Into the Sunshine

A Naval Officer returns to his hometown Washington, D.C. to lay his younger brother to rest and bring the killer to justice.

Local up-and-coming rapper Sonny Jim Foster gets murdered after he leaves a studio recording session. Doing a tour in the Middle East, Naval Intelligence Officer Bobby Foster receives the news of his younger brother's death. He immediately returns to Washington, D.C., with his wife Kimberly Foster to lay his brother to rest.

Bobby identifies the body and meets up with his childhood friend, Eddie "Big Bread Ed" Fields. The two immediately take matters into their own hands and go in search of the killer. They meet up with the town gossip, Tasha, who informs them that Sonny had issues with a local rap crew, B.C.B Entertainment, from Newark, New Jersey. She tells them that Sonny's girlfriend, Valerie, has been missing since his murder.

Detective Mason Bennet visits Bobby and tells him that he's doing everything in his power to find who is ever responsible. Bobby searches for Valerie and discovers she's in fear of her life and hiding out at an unknown location.

Bobby meets up with his uncle Charlie Foster at his restaurant to see what he knows. He tells Bobby that Sonny had issues with a local rap crew, and even though he and Sonny had problems in the past, Sonny looked up to him. Bobby has a face-to-face meeting with C.E.O. Anthony "The Brick City Bull' Rozier and questions him and his team about Sonny's death. They all deny knowing anything about the murder.

Bobby locates Valerie hiding out at her uncle's house, who is a D.C. cop. She gives him information that leads him further down an entanglement of deception. A life and death struggle ensues after the Bull puts a hit on Bobby and Ed. Bobby soon realizes things aren't what they seem as he closes in on the killer.

Script Excerpt
Starring Roles For:
Michael B. Jordan
Trevor Jackson
Morris Chestnut
In the Vein Of:
Walking Tall
The Wire
Author Bio:
My name is Arthur Demetrius Glenn, and I am a screenwriter/producer/director currently living in the Washington, DC, metro area. I have written nine screenplays with four finishing Quarterfinals to Finals of screenwriting competitions. I plan to shoot my first feature film in the Washington, DC, metro area in the late fall of 2020 or early spring of 2021.

Contest Results:
Fresh Voices Feature (Quarterfinalist) [2019]
Go Pro!