meet The Devil!

An award-winning journalist who doesn`t believe in God or the Devil interviews an author little knowing the encounter will change his life.

Mike Forrester is an award-winning journalist with the Profiler Magazine. He is assigned to interview the world-famous author Kathy Bishop on release of her latest book, 'You Never Die'. Forrester meets Bishop at a swanky hotel and discloses he doesn't believe in either of her mythical characters, God or The Devil. Bishop merely nods, smiles and thanks him for his candour. As the interview progresses Forrester's amusement lasts only until Bishop alludes to Forrester's 'contract with the Devil'. In an unprecedented act, Forrester walks out on the interview and goes home to bed and into Hell. Anchored down by the knuckled hands of charcoaled Aliens to prevent him floating up, he calls for God. Each time he pleads, it increases the heat and fingers of flames lick at his deteriorating body which is disintegrating into the abyss below. In a shocked awakening, he sits up. Was it a dream, or a warning of his life in eternity?

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Short Screenplay
Starring Roles For:
Kevin Sorbo
Patricia Arquette
In the Vein Of:
Rosemary's Baby
The Da Vinci Code
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Screenwriter: seven (7) Award-winning Feature Scripts and two (2) Short Screenplays Author: four (4) non-fiction books - Amazon "Best Seller" 'Elders and The Real Story' - 2020 Publisher/ 'Profiler' Magazine - distributed nationally and Editor: throughout New Zealand through newsagencies by the Packer network (NSC) and Gordon & Gotch Poet: AllPoetry - 4 poems - Wildsound - Top 100 Producer: R J to Mars - animated Christian Children's film

Unique traits: "The most fearless, prophetic champion of our time.

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