A grieving animal control officer becomes an unlikely social media hero when she embarks on a vigilante crusade against animal abusers, but her violent actions trap her between friends on the police force and the leader of a citywide dogfighting ring.

She abandoned the law of the people... for the law of the jungle.

Officer Mireya Vasquez left a promising career in the Violent Crimes division to join the Animal Patrol Unit, honoring her late son's memory by safeguarding the pets and other animals that he cherished. But the countless atrocities she experiences anger Vasquez to the point where she can no longer obey the rules.

Utilizing cutting-edge weaponry supplied by her veteran uncle, she embarks on a one-woman vigilante war against people who mistreat animals, leaving their corpses with “pet shaming” signs that match their inhuman crimes. Vasquez's actions make their way onto social media, where animal lovers dub her “the Euthanizer”.

Yet even as she begins to believe her own digital press, Vasquez's crusade brings her into conflict with an aggressive businesswoman who wants to create an empire founded on the savagery of dog fighting.

With her old partner's investigation closing in on her, and the city's underworld gunning for her, can Vasquez stay true to her mission and outlive the criminals she seeks to eradicate?

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In the Vein Of:
Death Wish
The Punisher
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Hailing from the wilds of North Carolina, Don spent his formative years drawing his own comic books, and crafting galaxy-spanning sagas with his homemade toys. After a lengthy detour with a career in the software industry, Don decided to dust off his artistic dreams and get back to creating. He became an editor in Hollywood, working on low-budget horror movies and award-winning documentaries. But after time spent playing with other peoples' toys, Don decided to craft his own, and transfer the stories in his head to the written page.

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Contest Results:
Creative Screenwriting (Finalist, Unique Voices Competition) [2020]
Screenplay Festival (Finalist) [2019]
StoryPros Awards (Semifinalist, 12th Annual Contest) [2019]
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