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The life once lived

The life not lived is about a scientist named Doctor Conners who created a memory device called Ganesha that can allow people to remember who they were in a past life. His life changed when the people who used the Ganesha device slowly resulted in his downfall.

The story begins with a scientist named Doctor Conners presenting his new invention called “Ganesha” to a talk show called the James Madison show. The Ganesha device is said to enhance the memory of the brain to the point that anyone who wore it can remember who they were in a past life. During the James Madison show, the host James decides to try out the device on live television. After trying it on, he ends up remembering he was an Olympic gold medalist. To prove it he ended up doing a couple of somersaults and landing a perfect flip. The crowd goes wild. A few days later while James is at his house, he ends up vomiting and getting a seizure. When he wakes up at the Hospital, Doctor Wu informs him that he has a brain tumor. This, of course, enrages James and he calls Doctor Conner's office threatening to expose the Ganesha device that did this to him. This gave Doctor Conners a  sense of dread and worry that if James exposed him, he would be ruined forever. Meanwhile, a Police Officer named John tries out the Ganesha device at Doctor Conner’s clinic. He finds out that he was a top Detective and immediately has a sense of solving cases. Doctor Conners takes matters into his own hands and visits James at his house. He ends up choking him to death and then hanging his body trying to make it look like suicide. The next morning John is at the scene and notices blood underneath the nail of James's dead body. After taking a cotton swab sample, Detective Hill takes it from him and tells John to stay out of his case. Meanwhile, a school teacher named Sarah is seen fighting urgers to kill animals and ends up butchering the class bunny. 14 days later the DNA results from the cotton swab found under James’s nail produced a perfect match. Before John can present it to the judge for warrant Detective Hill warns him one last time to stay out of his way. However, as Detective hill comes out of the courthouse with a warrant, John stashes his tires and drives off ahead of him. Sarah shows up at Doctor Conner’s clinic for an appointment. She fills out paperwork and consults Doctor Conners about a recurring dream. She hopes to find some answers with the Ganesha device. At the same time, John races as fast as he can to Doctor Conner’s clinic. While Sarah uses the device Doctor Conners researches Sarah’s recurring dream and finds out it’s the 3 signs of a psychopath. Sarah kills the nurse and stabs Doctor Conner in the chest. John arrives and breaks the door down and kills Sarah. John calls the paramedics but it’s too late. John tries asking Doctor Conners why he killed James and he said he trying to play God and that always has its consequences. 

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Short Screenplay
Author Bio:
Jason Peralta was born and raised in Queens, NY. Both parents were immigrants of the Dominican Republic. Cinema has always been his passion while growing up. During his late twenties, he realized his passion for writing and took a Screenwriting course in the Gotham Writers Workshop located at Times Square, NY. He read several books to sharpen his craft including Save the Cat by Blake Snyder and Invisible Ink by Brian Mcdonald. Through years of hard work and persistence, he reached Semi-Finalist for the WriteMovies Winter 2020 Screenwriting Contest.

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