Schwinn Varsity

Summer 1977 - two 14-year old boys undertake an epic, two-day bicycle trek across a city on a dangerous quest for a legendary dumpster in a downtown alley packed with adult magazines.

The story loosely parallels the 1969 classic “Easy Rider,” in which characters played by Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda strike out on motorcycles in search of an idealized America that seems further and further out of reach. In Schwinn Varsity, Tom Curtin and Harvey Presnell strike out on bicycles in search of some old guy's discarded porn stash. Their adventures along the way include running for their lives from a party van full of burnouts, escaping from house arrest at the hand of a over-zealous upscale country club security guard, getting hopelessly lost in a really bad neighborhood and hapless attempts at making time with some kickass Catholic girls at a carnival. Will they make the ultimate junior high score and find the magazines? Who knows? The only for sure is Tom and Harvey's bodacious quest will become legendary.

In the Vein Of:
Stand By Me
Dazed and Confused
Easy Rider
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Scriptapalooza Features/Shorts (Finalist) [1999]
Cinestory Feature (Semifinalist) [2010]