Escape World

In a world without crime, war and sports. individuals play a game called Mind Thoughts but something goes wrong when members are murdered

In the near future, there is no crime, no war, Everyone is trying to escape their humdrum lives. A group of intellectuals have devised a very bizarre way to amuse themselves with a game called mind thoughts. They thought it was only a game, No matter how cruel or dangerous the game, they could always escape.. or so they were told, In reent weeks, several of them have been murdered..our hero, Kerr Dupres, a police inspector, is assigned to investigate thes strange events. He finds the murders were caused by creatures from the game world. Even stranger is the government wants him to find what happned to other individuals who have disappeared and forget about the murders. He continues to find out whose responsible for the murders and look into the facts on his own. In order to do this, he must somehow get into the game. Once there, he finds there is truly way to escape from this world.

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Jason Statham
Forest Whitaker
Jackie Chan
In the Vein Of:
Total Recall
Blade Runner
war games
Author Bio:
I was a writer and Producer of local childres's cable show; Writer, creator and Publisher of comic books