Shorter version of Christmas Mitzvah script.

Marita is a middle-aged Hispanic woman in Baltimore City. She is compassionate, but practical. Trying to make a living as a social worker, she has a wonderful son, Carlos, a nurse's aide who is gay. She has accepted him unconditionally. Acceptance of gay children is not always the case because Marita's house is turning into a refuge for young adults whose parents have thrown them out because of their sexuality.

Meet Rachel, a young Orthodox Jewish woman whose parents were forcing her to marry a nice Orhodox boy. When she finally came out to her family on the occasion of another failed matchmaking session, her parents literally threw her and her belongings out onto the sidewalk. She never even got to say goodbye to her grandmother, brother and sister and is effectively dead to her family.

And then there's Tyree, a young African-American transgender person who lives at Marita's house. Tyree brings some laughter and fun into the house and introduces International Dress Up Night for Aponi, another transgender person of the "two-spirit" Native American identity.

One morning Carlos arrives at work to discover that two young gay teenagers have been beaten up on the subway by some drunk sports fans. This senseless violence leaves Lee on the brink of death in the hospital where Carlos works, and Cody with a broken arm. Carlos intervenes as best as he can when Lee's parents fight in their son's room, playing the blame game.

Aponi, the transgender person and coffee/gift shop owner, is almost arrested at the strip mall for using the Ladies' bathroom. Rachel and Tyree post a demonstration announcement on Facebook. When the crowd appears to be too small, Tyree sends out a "Tweet" and 40 drag queens and their friends show up quickly to lend solidarity to the protest against unfair treatment.

Back at the hospital, Lee's parents await their daughter so that the family can say goodbye to their comatose son together. Carlos' mother, Marita, arrives at the scene. She is Cody's new caseworker since his parents have effectivly disowned him because of his "negative Influence" on their younger children.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
20's Latino Actor
A Pretty Early 40s Actress
20s male, mixed-race
In the Vein Of:
hedwig and the Angry Itch
Author Bio:
Justine Cowan has been a writer for 23 years. This is her eighth script. She has won four honorable mentions in screenwritiing contest (one out of 17,000 entries).