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The Umpire Has No Balls

A fiery young woman who has baseball running through her blood and can call the game better than anyone starts her journey through the umpire ranks to achieve her one goal in life – becoming a major league baseball umpire. Her problem? No woman has ever broken through the stainless-steel ceiling of this male dominated sport.

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Author Bio:
Debbie Bolsky is a playwright, screenwriter and producer. She has written twelve stage plays and screenplays, currently in various stages of development, that feature strong and layered roles for women. Her work explores themes of death, baseball, and politics. Her stage play, Ashes to Ashes, enjoyed a successful six week run in Los Angeles December 2017-January 2018. Bolsky’s past theatre and film experience includes, production of her stage play, Biking With Andrew Scott (2008), co-founder of The Athena Cats, a collective of SoCal female playwrights and directors, executive producer of the stage play Blueprint for Paradise (2016), associate producer on the independent film Rogues (2003), executive producer on the documentary, Carless In L.

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Contest Results:
StoryPros International (Third Place)
Chicago Screenplay Contest (Second Place, Comedy)
Table Read (Semifinalist, 2014)
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