The son of the superintendent of international churches is convinced he hears a divine word which he follows, only to face ridicule from his family circle and friends and threats to lose his life from the drug and human trafficking world. This is a contemporary suspense about the prophet Hosea in the Bible.

On his way to attend a universal meeting in the heart of a large city, Hosea gets lost in the red light district. He is abhorred by how the ladies and some men pose themselves for purchase. His attention is drawn to Gomer who stands alone at the end of the alley. He is just about to pass her when a handler comes along and pulls her into a door. Gomer grabs Hosea’s arm and with her large beautiful eyes, she pleads for him to help her.

From this moment on all he can think of is Gomer and her eyes and at the meeting, he is unable to focus. At night he tosses and turns finding no sleep. He starts hearing scripture verses from the Bible. And the Lord tells him to marry Gomer. When Hosea tells his friend what’s going on, he tells Hosea that he didn’t hear the Lord, but he’s going after his lusts. Hosea’s dad is worried about his reputation and what it would do to the International churches. Hosea’s oppositions are great, but he chooses to do the will of Adonai and gets Gomer. He finds her all beaten up and barely alive. He pays a large sum of money to free her.

Hosea knows he must tell people the words he hears the Lord say and learns to blog. Gomer lives a pure life and gives birth to a son. But she never feels truly accepted by the people around her. She finds out that Hosea blogs to the world about her past. One night, hurt and lonely, she puts on her make-up, bracelets and street clothes and leaves. When Hosea realizes that Gomer is gone, he realizes that the way he treated Gomer was out of duty to the Word of the Lord, and not out of love. Thus he writes a new blog about the people who live their lives out of duty and not love. Love drives him to Gomer and learns to Twitter. He also looks for her everywhere. He finds her drugged out with other girls held captive in barracks, where drug Lord sells their services. Hosea buys her back again. He brings her home and tells her about his faith in Adonai and shows his true love daily to Gomer. All seems to go well, but one day the drug Lord Gomer escaped from finds her and kidnaps her. Hosea posts Gomer’s photo on FB, blogs, twitters and looks for her on the Internet. His friend knows Dolores, an undercover police officer, who has been targeting the human trafficking ring for years, but never got further. Gomer is captive with a good friend of hers. A Sheik buys them and they get transferred into a storage container to be shipped overseas. Dolores has a perfect plan and brings down the drug Lord and his gang, with the help of Hosea. Gomer is rescued with many other people. Hosea’s father reunites with Hosea. Hosea and Gomer open a home for victims of human trafficking.

Written by:
In the Vein Of:

inspired by true events
Author Bio:
I'm an award-winning writer of original screenplays and adaptations. I studied Theology with a minor in Child Education at Christ for the Nations, Dallas, TX.

Contest Results:
Gideon (Finalist) [2014]
Faith & Family (Quarterfinalist) [2016]
FilmMakers/Feature (Quarterfinalist, 2nd round qualifier) [2014]