Pebbles on the Beach

Whilst kicking a pebble along a magical beach, a school-boy becomes mesmerized by an apparition which materializes into the girl of his dreams.

Placed at an English countryside, it is a story of love-at-first-sight which endures to adulthood. David is on holiday from school which is spent with his Uncle John in a mansion on the hill. Dressed in school uniform, he bides his time kicking Pebbles along a secluded magical beach. As the pristine waters illuminate their contents David is aimlessly kicking the colourful Pebbles through the ebb and flow of the tide when he's startled by a colourful mist. He stops. Looks up. His eyes glaze as he greets the mist before him in which an apparition appears, then just as quickly, disintegrates to a voice, and a beautiful young girl with flowing blonde hair stands before him. She introduces herself as "Beth". In a few short minutes Beth steals his heart, lures him into a magical cave and leaves him mesmerized vowing to return. As the years pass and adulthood is upon them, their puppy-love has endured the test of time. Along the magical beach that brought them together, Beth accepts David's proposal of marriage... "of course, silly".

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Short Screenplay
Starring Roles For:
a young Rachel McAdams type
A young Warren Beatty type
Sally Field
In the Vein Of:

Author Bio: Screenwriter: 6 Award-winning Features and 2 Short Screenplays. Author: non-fiction (4) books - Amazon "Best Seller" 2020 Publisher/Editor: 'Profiler' Magazine distributed nationally by the Packer network - NSC and Gordon & Gotch through newsagencies Poet: AllPoetry - 4 poems Wildsound - Top 100

Screenwriting Awards: 2020 Moviebytes 'Top 10' 2020 L.

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Contest Results:
Hollywood Moving Pictures (First Place, Finalist til Awards Night 2019) [2018]
Christian Screenplay (First Place, Best Script, Best Writer, Fan ) [2017]
Los Angeles Independent (First Place) [2015]
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