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The Mythical Golden Trout

When a cash-strapped family camping in the Sierras discovers an exquisite nuget of gold, the local sheriff slashes the tires on their battered minivan, rounds up a posse of his clueless friends, and sets out to steal it from them.

Written by: Craig Peters    

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Format: Screenplay
Budget: Low
Posted: 05/03/2018
Updated: 09/07/2019
Author Bio:

After collecting a BA from Stanford and an MFA from UC Riverside, Mr. Peters set out to fulfill his life’s true ambition: to become a starving writer. He was immediately successful.

His first stage play was greeted by rave reviews from friends and family, but never produced. During this trying time, he found solace in the violence of the martial arts. His second play won two national play writing awards, receiving a total of seven productions in theaters across the country — and suddenly his mother stopped telling him he should have been a lawyer.

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