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Calvin's Dilemma

In the vein of "Liar, Liar" and "Bruce Almighty," meek mannered Calvin's dilemma begins when a copy machine falls into his lap. It helps him breakup with his controlling girlfriend. It helps him fall in love. It brings back people from the past. .. a supernatural comedy with a surprise twist ending ala "The Sixth Sense."

Written by: Joan J.C.     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Posted: 09/17/2004
Updated: 09/05/2012
Author Bio: I am a non-union produced screenwriter with four sold shorts for festivals and three optioned and one produced award winning feature screenplays. One of the features is funded and the producers are attaching talent i.e. director, actors for a theatrical release.

My third write for hire is a produced feature, titled "The Message."

The first of four teaser trailers is up at you tube

The film just won the Grand Prize for the best film award at CFIFF, making me an award winning screenwriter.

The producer who has exercised her option on my original script has advised me that she is in negotiations with an Oscar nominated director to attach himself to the project.

Figaro Productions, an IMD producer, purchased another original feature script that is being produced now overseas.

I also recently finished a write for hire for a different IMDB producer about reincarnation that takes place in the '50's in Central India and modern day NYC. The producer, Sushma Khadepaun-Parmar of Cutting Chai Productions is in India casting parts of the film.

Contest Results: Venice Arts (formerly Script World) (Finalist)
Split-Screenplay (Finalist)
FilmMakers/Feature (Finalist)
Empire (Finalist)