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A Duluth private investigator, needing to pay off his bookie, agrees to payment on completion of a prominent politician’s wife’s case; now he has only three days to find an Ohio plumber that the client only met on the internet over a dozen years ago. Synopsis PDF Excerpt

Written by: Russ Meyer     [Contact Author]    Interviews
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Low
Posted: 03/16/2010
Updated: 03/06/2018
Author Bio: Nominated for the Arthur Rosenfeld Award For Excellence In Dramatic Writing. Named one of the Top 100 Indie Writers in Del Weston’s forthcoming book of the same name. The holiday comedy short that I wrote, ALL CHOKED UP, premiered in Minneapolis, MN. Studied screenwriting with Dan Decker, Durrell Royce Crays, and Steve Larson. Member of the Minnesota Screenwriters Workshop, The Independent Feature Project, and Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum. Won 14 screenwriting contests with 10 scripts.

Contest Results: Actors Choice Awards (First Place, SCSFe) [2007]
Page One (First Place) [2001]
TLLjournal (Finalist) [2013]
L.A. Neo Noir (Quarterfinalist) [2015]
Austin Fest Film (Quarterfinalist, Comedy Division) [2001]
Wisc. Screenwriters (Semifinalist) [2002]
Fade In (Semifinalist) [2007]
Hollywood's Next Success (Quarterfinalist) [2003]