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Make Up Test

A holiday-themed romantic screwball comedy with a decidedly modern twist in which a young woman who hates Christmas, and who wants to be noticed by an office hunk, makes a holiday wish comes true in the most literal way possible, complicating both office politics and romance. This is a fun script that can work as a feature or holiday MOW.

Written by: John Adcox     [Contact Author]    Interview
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Low
Starring Roles For: Jenna Fischer
Kaley Cuoco
Zachary Levi
In the Vein Of: The Santa Clause
It's A Wonderful Life
Posted: 06/01/2011
Updated: 11/06/2017
Author Bio: John Adcox has recently retired in his 40s from a 20-year career in advertising, marketing, and new media to concentrate on storytelling. His work once won first, second, AND third place in the well-respected Write Safe contest, and he has won or placed in dozens of others, including Script PIMP, Write Movies, People's Pilot, and more. He has just completed two novels and a collection of holiday novellas that has drawn praise from such luminaries as Ray Bradbury.

Over the course his transmedia career, John Adcox has held a number of titles including Executive Producer, Vice President of Digital Media, Creative Director, Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services, and CEO. He has written for games, commercials, videos, new media and more. As a creative director and producer, he has won numerous leading industry awards. A few of his clients have included AT&T, Mercedes-Benz, Holiday Inn, Coca-Cola, UPS, SCANA, AutoTrader.com, Goodwill, Time Warner, Disney, Delta Airlines, 3M, Ford, and many more. In addition, he has hosted a radio show, acted professionally (although not since age 15), designed and written scripts for games, written a play for a professional theatre company, taught university astronomy, and written articles on topics including mythology, psychology, technology, religion, and marketing strategy.

After working in traditional media exclusively, John transitioned to digital in 1994 as Creative Lead and Producer for Cadmus Interactive, one of Atlanta's first interactive agencies. Clients included Coca-Cola, Delta, Lucent, Holiday Inn, and more.

In 1997, he was named Vice President, Digital Media for Caribiner International, the world's largest integrated communications firm. There, he led creative development of integrated communication and marketing campaigns. He also served as lead content strategist, creative director, and information architect. When Caribiner was sold, John became Vice President, Marketing/Creative Services at Outweb, where he expanded the offer by more than 400 percent.

In 2004, John became Executive Producer and Senior Writer at PARIO, Inc., an award-winning cross-media communication agency, where he was responsible for maintaining high creative and strategic standards on both marketing and learning and performance improvement projects. In 2008, John became User Experience Lead and Content Strategist for BlacQube, where he focused on the yearlong redesign of the Mercedes-AMG Web site (a process he repeated in 2012), and in 2009 worked on developing interactive television concepts with Beyond Z, the company that won the first-ever Primetime Emmy for Interactive Television, and on developing game content for mobile phones. He later helped develop an interface for creating cross-channel technology solutions for Kony.

He is presently the CEO of ePic Books, a start-up focusing on a transmedia technology platform that can expand the idea of what an ebook can be.

John's many, many interests include books and literature, religion and philosophy, mythology, the Arthurian legends, travel, baseball, science fiction and fantasy, marketing communications, Celtic music and lore, new media, theatre, and politics, not to mention astronomy and cosmological physics.

Contest Results: WriteSafe (First Place)
StoryPros Awards (Finalist, (Winners to be announced))