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The Third Bomb (OPTIONED)

***OPTIONED BY BAFTA-WINNING PRODUCER*** LOGLINE: "When a top U.S. pilot crash-lands on a Japanese island carrying the third atomic bomb, he's forced to choose between honor and duty: detonate the bomb and annihilate a POW camp, or let the bomb fall into the hands of a disgraced Japanese commander."

Written by: Phil Parker     [Contact Author]
Format: Screenplay
Budget: Mid
Starring Roles For: Matthew McConaughey
Colin Farrell
Jake Gyllenhaal
In the Vein Of: Unbroken
Saving Private Ryan
Posted: 08/21/2014
Updated: 09/02/2017
Author Bio: 02-09-17 LATEST NEWS: The Third Bomb, OPTIONED by a BAFTA-WINNING producer, is now being packaged.



"This is an incredibly well written script with strong and three-dimensional characters, a well threaded theme, and action sequences that are both visual and exciting" - Black List reader

“Very well-written and engrossing script with a strong, original hook and twist. GRADE: Recommend” - Danny Manus,

“Excels in story, dialogue and originality. Craft and execution are top notch.” - reader #2

“A fantastic screenplay.” - reader #1

“Emotionally charged and engaging!” -

“Absolutely thrilling.” - reader #2

“Likely to attract top international talent.” -

“Intense WWII drama. GRADE: Recommend” -

“Highly original and engaging adventure. GRADE: Consider” -

Phil Parker is an optioned and working screenwriter in Sydney, Australia. This year he's been hired to write two treatments for two feature-length films by an award-winning production company. He's also been booked by another company for a re-write gig on a sci-fi feature.

Phil is an MA Graduate from USC film school and a former Creative Producer for the BBC, where he spent 6 years writing original short content and producing promos for four BBC channels.

Contest Results: Nashville Fest (First Place, Action/ Adventure) [2014]
Script Pipeline Screenplay (Finalist) [2015]
Ohio Independent (First Place) [2014]
Wildsound (First Place) [2014]
Final Draft/Big Break (Semifinalist) [2016]
Vail Film Festival (Second Place) [2015]
Screencraft Action Thriller (Finalist) [2014]
L.A. Cinema Film Fest (Second Place, Award of Merit) [2014]
World Series (Second Place, (Action/ Adventure)) [2014]
West Field (Second Place) [2014]
Catalina (Second Place, Award of Merit) [2014]
Worldfest - Houston (Second Place, Gold Remi Award) [2014]
ScreenCraft Bahamas Residency (Semifinalist) [2015]
ScreenCraft Fellowship (Semifinalist) [2015]
StoryPros International (Finalist) [2014]
Screenplay Festival (Finalist) [2014]
Scriptwriters Network (Third Place) [2014]
Austin Fest Film (Quarterfinalist, Second Round) [2015]
Cinequest (Semifinalist, Top 20 ) [2014]
Irvine Film Festival (Finalist, Top 7) [2014]
Las Vegas Fest (Finalist) [2014]
Emerging Screenwriters Feature (Finalist, 5th place PRIZE WINNER) [2014]
Hollywood Screenplay (Finalist) [2014]
Richmond Fest (Semifinalist) [2014]
FilmMakers/Feature (Finalist) [2014]
Stage 32/Happy Writers Screenplay (Semifinalist) [2014]
Beverly Hills Fest (Finalist) [2014]
Sacramento Fest (Finalist) [2014]
RIIFF/Rhode Island (Semifinalist) [2014]
WriteMovies (Semifinalist) [2014]
Action On Film (Semifinalist, Official Selection) [2014]