Writers' Building Announces Fall 2007 Contest Winners

The Writers' Building has announced the winners of their Fall 2007 Screenwriting Competition:

"There is a Season" by Stuart Creque

"The Waldorf=Astoria" by Tony Muscio

"Just Between Us" by Jason P Barter

Honorable Mention:

"The Forest Brothers" by Jeffrey Wright

Top Ten Finalists:

Jason Barter "Just Between Us"

Stuart Creque "There is a Season"

Jery Rowan "Find Jimmy Horne"

Emily Bracken "Camp Moose"

Michael Madden "The SeeSaw Syndrome"

M. Guy McDouall "Shining Light"

Lindsey Van de Kirk "Getting Molly Married"

Jeffrey Wright "The Forest Brothers"

Tony Muscio "The Waldorf=Astoria"

Rebecca Dianne Cameron "The Prodigal Daughter"

Once the strike lifts, the winning scripts will be submitted to a short list of L.A.-based companies, which includes successful producers and reps, including the producers of BLADES OF GLORY, AUSTIN POWERS, MEMENTO, THE HITCHER, BALLS OF FURY and THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS.

Updated: 12/12/2007

Additional Contest Info: