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Screenplay Festival Announces Semifinalists

Screenplay Festival has announced their semifinalists for 2012:

A Deep Sleep and a Dark Dream – Anna K. Espada
Adventures of an Honorable Scoundrel – Michael J. Casey
Among Thieves – George Snyder
And Death Shall Have No Dominion – Sandra Corkins-Schmidt
Angels and ETs Part 1: The Remembrance – Alexander Chao
Apache Echo – David McCartney
Atilas – Guillermo Gomez
Banking on Betty – Geno Scala
Beyond Gender Wars – George Snyder
Bioterror Conspiracy – Louis Lio
Black Doors – Christopher Sorensen
Brown – Jon Christopher
Carmen’s Revenge – Richter Cox
Compass Rose: The Shrine Under the Sand – Alisha Johnson
Cristos Rising – Bobbette Findley
Curse of Darkness – Michael Douglas
Deadly Passage – Lawrence W. Gold
Deceiving Hitler – Charles E. Gibb
Double the Odds – Sherill Turner & Louise Ann Munro
E-mail from the Future – Michael J. Leider
Final Heaven – Josh Greenberg
Homecoming – Geoff Fairbanks & Katherine Huston
In Contract – Lyn Singleton & Christian Galliani
In Deadly Pursuit – Richard Hohenrath
In the Wrong Hands – Dianna Zimmerman & Brad Jost
Indiana Jones and the City of the Dead – Bobby Sacher
Leverage – Douglas Nicholas Farra
LIFECredit – Steven P. Stamatis & George J. Stamatis
MegaForce – Richard C. Bailey
Meltdown – Michael Toay & Travis Mann
Moulting – chau ai Pham
O’er The Land Of The Free – Richard Minkoff
Platinum Package – Michael Compton
Project Pandora – John O’Riley
Red Hats – Michael Toay & Travis Mann
Requited – Bill Johnston
Ripple – Heather Faris
Rising – Alex Rubit
Runner – Paul Sheridan
Scroll\Back – Jay Stamatis & Steve Stamatis
Shadow War – John Conner
Sleeper – Sean Farrington
Submission – Bruce Rose
TEANCUM – Mark Parker
Teancum Paradise Burning – Mark Parker
Tequila Wars – Spencer Michlin
The ACE Messiah – Christopher E. Marchant
The Blunt Edge – Joseph Baker
The Bodies – Dave Freda
The Consolidators – Cedric Williams & Alice Williams
The Fad – Michael E. Bierman
The Hammer – J. Neff Lind & Monika Lind
The Inch High Spy – D. Barton Campbell
The Last Exodus – Michael Baley
The Littlest Prince – Joe Borriello
The Lost World – Silverback – Richard Patterson
The Odysseus Project – Ian Connelly
The Plague Doctor – Daniel Paasch & Jeremy Westrate
The San Demetrio – John Mawson
The Stark Vendetta – Paul Sheridan
The Vengance Virus – Michael McHugh
The Wolf – Travis Hughes
Transylvania – Steven Lehti
VALYK – Michael Pallotta
Voracious – Travis Hughes
Wade – Alex Pickens
Where Honor Lies – Lisa Birth
Wrath – David Oake
ZULU Prime Manhunt – Ernest Turner

20 Million Rides To Earth – Erik Ratliff
Advent – Illimani
Annoying God – Janice Silver
Arrivals and Departures – Janeen Lang
Aunt Molly’s Meltdown – Deirdre L. Brenner
Beatle-Mitzvah – Colleen & Frank Malfitano
Bouncing – Peter Fitzgerald
Danny Crimson Vs. Reality – Kum-Jung Amrine
Dead Enders – Brent Hartinger
Dry-Clean Buffet – Lloyd Foster
Every Day’s A Holiday – Justine (Jay) Riedl
Food Truckers – Kevin McCabe
Food Wagon Warriors – Gregory James Snyder
Fuji High – Shawn Royce
Girls For Sale – Leslie Adkins
Hardwood – Robert Strickland
Her Inner Marilyn – Linda C. Anderson
Her Name Was Tuesday – James Ziolkowski
In Contract – Lyn Singleton & Christian Galliani
Ironwood – James Valko
Jury From Hell – Ashley Jacoby
Just Kill Me Already – Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Kiddie Movie: The Reefer Resistance – Dan Lenko
Locked in the Trunk of a Car – Steven Kochems
Lovebirds – Boim Hwan & Nathalie Michel
Man(ny) Versus machine – Matthew Tolbert
Michael Imaginary – Coburn Tuller
Mistress Mom – Tony Scott
Mr. Ego – Alex Beattie
Music Row – Ronald L. Ecker
My Boyfriend’s the Antichrist – Adam Taylor
OJ’s Eleven – Lawrence Riggins 2
Outer Bounds – Daniel Mayer
Party-on Pattty – John Sancandi
Pinky Swear – John O’Riley
Presidents Day – Eduardo Presa
Pretty in Pantyhose – Geoff Fairbanks & Katherine Huston
Repossessed – Paul Eyskens
Rewriting Matt – Isabel Stille
Ripped: The Trip Van Winkle Story – Thomas E. Charles
Risk 101 – Hannah Leskosky
Rust In Peace – Yossi Koresh
Save Me, San Francisco – Drew Mackintosh
Screwed Up – Joseph Khaleghian
Secrets Of Men – George Covic
Self Storage – Glenn J. McGee
She Kills Me – David Klein
Shiny Things from Romania – Hank Clark IV
Space Case – Raef Eric Lawson
Step One – Doug Koziol
Stuffed – Don Lorincz
Surf-N-Church – Jeff Whitfill
The Babysitter – Tim Repicky
The Cemetery Plots – D. B. Silvis
The Convictioneers – Brent Hanneson
The Dinosaur Bowl – Herbert McCollom, Jr.
The Hatchling – Nicholas Thurkettle
The Impresario – John P. Murphy
The Intolerable Tales of the Inconsiderate Marty Wolfe – Richard Abbot & Joshua Track
The Message – Sandra Lee Bolton
The Muffin Conundrum – Diana Woody
The Peril of Loving a Sex God – Frances Haman-Prewitt
The Squawker – Craig Peters
The Tour – Clinton Buehring
The Woman From Another World – Mark Perlick
Those God-Damned Kids! – Annie Nishida
Two Peese in a Pad – Tom Christopher
Two Tickets – Scott A. Aiman
Unfinished Symphony – Milda Misevicius
Unhooking – Scott A. Aiman
Vagina Radio – Cheryl Shipp
Virtually Yours – Bob Kiely
What’s Gotten Into You? – Adam Lutzi Rockwell
Where The Men Are – Wendy Wilkins
Writer’s Block – Brad Howell

A Chance for Love – Diego Gorbea
A Safe Place – Herb Blitzstein
A Sort of Homecoming – Lynn Reed
A Special Place In Hell – Roberta Jones
A stolen piece of me – Monet Rondel Ayla
All Sinners Fall – Josh Susie
Birthdays – Doris B. Gill
Blessé (Wounded) – Bob Canning
Bodie’s Sattva – Kyle Bostian
Campus – James Penny
Canadian Capers – Mae Leslie
China Girls – Garey Riester & Shea Riester
Condor One – John Simpson & Michael Simon
Connections – Ruth A. Simerly
Cowboy – Alex Mindt & Randall Harvey
Crazy People – Jeffrey Bowie Jr.
Cur – C.J. Williamson
Deadend – Anne Babb
Documented – Jocelyn Osier
East Palestine – Robb White
Executive – Zimran Jacob
Fenella’s Castle – Edward Vance
Fits – Rachel Thomas-Medwid
Five Days In Cannes – Eddie Naughton
Foresightq – Jon Lance Bacon
Freeya Goldilocks – Dirk De Gussem
Fry Sauce – Harmony Button
Give Your Heart To The Senator – Gwenis Alexis
Havel – Michael Long
Headlines – Anthony Ross
Heart of a Lyon – Ian de Vries
Hollywood Ending – Drew Deighan
Home – Romeo Ciolfi
Hoss – James P. Manouse
I’ll Die Tomorrow – John J. Maffucci
I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles – Jeffrey Heger
Khaki Star – Thomas Gressler
Laural and Harvey – Linda Rumney
Love In Time – Tony Scott
Loyal Americans – Margaret Dane
Magda G – Garrett Fisher & Amy Schrader
Maplewood Unfinished – Eric T. Allen
Missing Alice – Chris Preyor
Murphy’s Law Madness – Elinor J. Campbell
My Brother – Clinton Buehring
Nelson – Margaret Kukulsky
One Step Out – Mick O’Brien
Orange Dissection – T.J. Barkwill
Pasadena Parade – Bill Kay
Perspective – Joy Martinello
Red Rain – Jerome C. Sullivan
Road To Reunion – Miles Ledoux
Rock Your World – Eric H. Miller
Savannah Superstar II – Jerold Lynn Dixon
Searching for Asia – Garey Riester
Seeking Hope – Serim Yilmaz
Shooting An Officer – Daniel Lago
Sir Francis-Lord of Destiny – Lawrence T. Karol
Strays – Carlos Perez
Street Corners – Marie Robinson
Struggle – Kelvin Garner
Tears Of Eternity – John Michael Pearson
The Adjunct – Joe Amato & Kass Fleisher
The Bad Guy’s Sister – John McMillan
The Cul De Sac – Amy Corcoran & Kristine Ross Gibb
The Domino Theory – George Gary
The Heart of War – Elaine Hargrove
The Last Set at the Vanguard – Diana Cobbold
The Laws of the Gods – Mary E. Laspakis Oleske
The Lost Boy – Andrew Crane
The Love Poems of a Professional Torturer – Leigh Hunt
The Other Woman – Mark Williams
The Real McCoy – Justin Taite
The Right Break – Erin Henkel & Liz Alfano
The Sheriff – Andrew Crane
The Tattooist – Heather Morris
The Three Armins – R B Schwartz
The Twenty-first Truth – Scott Wallace
The Zone – Mathieu Saliva
Three Passports – Gregory James Snyder
Three Rivers Meet – Craig Stewart
Till we meet again – Johan Matton & Alix Purcell
True Blue Widow – Birgit Syran Myaard
Two for the Show – Bob Cairns & Matt Gaffney
Wake Traci – D. R. Pedraza
Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow – Doris B. Gill

Absolute Rubbish – Helen Rose Roberts
Alice Ashton – jean-Marie MAZALEYRAT
Ant-ics – Donald Ashe
Bad Dream Team – Dianna Zimmerman & Brad Jost
Clueless About Christmas – Jan Stanton
Countdown to Christmas – Richard C Bailey
Cursed – John O’Riley
Fiona’s Eyes – Mauryne Cecilia
Fish Gutting for Newlyweds – Amy Dyal Bailey
Fish Out Of Water – Nathan Carliner Goldman
Freedom – Angela Dorsey & Marina Miller
From the Heart – William Grady
Getting to First – Bears Fonte & Rick Fonte
Hybrids – Tony Schweikle
Hybrids – Tony Schweikle
Jason’s House – Murray Spitzer
Lady Godiva’s Wild Ride – Murray Spitzer
Prince of Fishes – Geoff Fairbanks
Rembrandt & The Seedlings – Doris B. Gill
Safari Green – Shawn Royce
Say Goodbye to Sweetgrass – T.J. Lynch
Spiff – Jill Remensnyder
Spirit of the Everglades – Michael Bavota
Staycation – Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Taking The Last Shot – Randy Hatch
Tendenko – Shawn Royce
The Teddy Bear Battalion – Kimberly J. Kreines
The Ultimate Almanac – David Ullendorff
The Way Home – Kathryn Kyker
The Winds Of Tomorrow – Donald C. Wilson
Tink – Gerald Pallay
Turkey Day – Michael Lee Barlin
Twisty – Sean Ridley
What if a Woman…? – Christine Williams
White House Intern – Murray Spitzer

A Tale of Ghosts – Jillian Ayers
Abra Cadaver – T.J. Lynch
Alone With The Devil – Tom Zanca
Apartment 16 – Scott Sentell
ASOMNIA – Stuart Creque
Beauty and the Beasts – Andy Cannistra
Black Doors – Christopher Sorensen
Bound – Tracey Keefer
Brown – Jon Christopher
Capricorn Rise – Timothy C. Darbyshire
Chambers – Stan Himes
Closed At Dusk – Anita J. Justice
Counterpart – Corneliu Filip
Crater – Luke Pimentel
Death by DNA – Amy Dyal Bailey
Deliver Us From Evil – Scott R. Martin
Demon Witness – Tom Streich
Dog Eat Dog – Shannon Sleeth
Dog Park – Matthew Perrett & Gregory Gutierrez
Dogs of Fortune – Rik Filion
Drink With A Stranger – Anita J. Justice
Escape From Damnation 5 – Timothy Moriarty
Harbinger – Gloria Miller
Haunts – Kevin Cain
Hearts – Fidence Umuhire
Hellster Inc. – Matthew Rafferty
Howl at the Moon – Alex Cope & Will Zech
Hunter – Jason Kellerman
I Love Playing With Fire – Diana Posner
Kiss Of The Chupacabra – Daniel Wilson Clark
KISS/KILL – Stephen G. Levy
La Cinema – Zayn Abbott
Last Report Card – Julius Terrell Parsons
LILLY OF THE WOOD – Quentin Batten
Mind Over Matter – Donald C. Wilson
MOPINS – Richard L. Sartore
Necromancer – Christopher Sorensen
P.I. PUP – Beth Rohach
Rayna – Paul Vincent Rapisarda
Rust In Peace – Yossi Koresh
Savage Third – Sean McKee
Seeing Red – Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Shadow of the Darkness – Rick Sande & Barry Goldstein
Snow: Chupacabra – Elliott V. Porter
Spore – Richard C. Bailey
Standing Here Smiling – Don Santiago
The 49TH DAY – Craig Peters
The Bloodline – Christine Feldman
The Constantine Conspiracy – Gary E. Parker
The Devil’s Footprints – Eric Jeske
The Domain – Michael Raymond
The Fad – Michael E. Bierman
The Feast – Eric Whittington & Tracy Whittington
The Gaslamp Horror – Jeremy D. Christensen
The Gypsy – Jon Christopher
The Hammer – J. Neff Lind & Monika Lind
The Macau Omen – Tony Shyu
The Melody Of Sephira – Christopher Sorensen
The Old Castle’s Secret – Timothy W. Savage
The Peony Promise – Emanuel Ruggeir
The Plague Doctor – Daniel Paasch & Jeremy Westrate
The Seedlings – Lisa Ehrlich
The Squawker – Craig Peters
The Terrorist – Manuel Ortega Caro
The Well – Michael McInerney
Tool Store – Spencer Balentine
Transylvania – Steven Lehti
Unravel – Howard Fridkin & Tom McCurrie
Whatever Happened to Tiki Kula – Eddy Barrows
With Monsters – Robert Herzog
X=0 – Diana Cobbold

Updated: 12/14/2012
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