Filmmatic Names Comedy Contest Winner

Henry Sarwer-Foner & Noel Baker have been named the winner of the Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards for their feature screenplay, Dick 2.0, about a Wall Street billionaire facing a divorce who clones himself in order to save his marriage. When he sees how much more his wife loves his duplicate, he must battle his better self to win back his better half.

Dick 2.0 - Henry Sarwer-Foner & Noel Baker

The Anklebiter - Andy Jones
Rebound Guys - Tammy Klembith & George Klembith
Time Janitors - Ryan Manns & Jocelyn Manns
Silicon Girls - Ellen Ancui
Paranormal Bros. - Shaun Polakow
Pure - Erika Hakmiller
Silver Foxes - Thomas Zambeck
The Bare Minimum - Eric Rudnick
Deadline - Phil Valentine
Leo - Brian McDevitt Jr.

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Updated: 10/07/2020

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