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Your Script Produced Announces Season 2 Finalists

Finalists have been announced for the 2nd Season of the Your Script Produced Screenwriting Competition.

Adia Bell-Foster - Checkmate
Alexandra Ruggieri - Dawn
Alana Saab – Ocean Gray
Ashley Cole – Time
Beverly Neufeld - The Real H.K of Beverly Hills
Catherine Fridey - Spot Time
Chloé Linn Friberg - Confidently Conflicted
Clara Bijl - For Better or For Worse
Dawn Anna Williamson - Honey
Dorian Frankel - Expats
Elad Ziv - Jew
Ernesto M. Sandoval & Malili Dib – Heaven Forbid
Esabella Strickland - Then and There, Here and Where: (Orabella the Oracle One)
Galia Barkol & Noelle P. Wilson – Deep Yearning
Georgia Panteloucos – In My Photo
Grace Goen - Toke
Harry Lesgold – Entry Level
Heather Fusari - Reform
Heather (HJ) Grayson & Will Welty - Coming Home
Howard Nash & William Hopkins - Devlin's Choice
Jamel T. Mack - Concealed
James Abney - Fade Out
Jason Ryan – The Conductor
Jennifer Phillips - Avenging Angels
Jordan Cann & Aaron Thompson – Street Dreams: Miami
Kristin Raven - The Next Day
Lakesa Cox - Not Daddy's Girl
L . J Sellers - The Exctractors
Lindsay Mayer - Terror By Night
Laura Fielder – Affliction
Madeline Hombert - THE DRESS
Maya Rajan - The Zookeeper
Michelle Blair Wilker - Backburner
Noel Calloway - Lost & Found
Paul Paseli - Alejandro
Prawaal Raman - The Voice
Rachel Perez - Finka
Richard Anderson - Pocket Full Of Shells
Robert Cuen - Billy's Time Machine
Rebecca Ann Bentley - Serendipity
Ruby Smith - Desperate Measures
Russell Southam - Detour into Darkness
Seda Anbarci - Starfall
Selina Ringel - #Like Me
Sha Ron Banks - Pool Boys
Stephan Lambert / Daniel Smith / Parichart Borisute - Lost in Mandalay
Suzy Stein & Fernando Perez - Inversion
Sydney Dupont - Being Jean
Terrell Rouse - Loyal To The Game
Xiaoyu Yang - Letter In The Bottle

Updated: 03/02/2021

Additional Contest Info: Your Script Produced! Studios : Season 3

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