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Dallas International Film Festival Grand Prize Winner to be Produced

The grand prize winner of the Dallas International Film Festival's 2023 Screenplay Competition, Sneakerhead by Jamie Campbell, will be produced by Torfoot Studios and Event Horizon Films, and directed by award-winning filmmaker Johnathan Brownlee, pending WGA and SAG negotiations. The film will join the shorts lineup at the Dallas International Film Festival.

Additional festival winners include:

1st Place Feature - For Billie by James Froeschle (Austin, TX)

On the verge of losing his wife to dementia an eighty-two year-old and his fading wife heist some pharmaceuticals from their nursing home and breakout to take one last trip. Along the way they befriend a young skater-girl and the unlikely trio discover the road sometimes takes you places you never expected.

2nd Place Feature - Labyrinth of Destiny by Ernestina Juarez (Austin, TX)

During the Mexican- American War, Ulysses Grant falls in love with a Mexican woman who helps African Americans escape bondage. The war separates them , but they meet again when the woman is sent to the United States to seek an alliance to prevent France from conquering Mexico and supporting the Confederacy.

1st Place Pilot - FIX by Jeff Bower (Los Angeles)

Exhausted from centuries of being able to rewind time and change every moment except his most painful, a tortured traveler begins "helping" others in order to befriend a grief-stricken detective who may just hold the key to his salvation.

2nd Place Pilot - Broken by Dathan Paterno (Chicago, IL)

An unorthodox but gifted psychologist battles both a local psychiatrist and his own mental health struggles, jeopardizing his career and family. 1st Place Short - Sneakerhead by Jamie Campbell (Kansas City, KS)

When she was a little girl, Meredith Jones had a monster under her bed. She returns home as an adult to find the monster's still there. And it's hungry.

2nd Place Short - The Paranormal Prankster by Sean Whitley (Dallas, TX)

When a notorious Internet troll appears on a live streaming video podcast to debate the existence of Sasquatch with Bigfoot believers, the fur flies when he's challenged by an ape-suited prankster claiming to be the legendary beast!

Updated: 08/26/2023

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