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The Cosmic Kids

Sci-fi author Poppy writes a new eBook but it’s his teenage grandkids who live the adventure when iPad and 3D glasses technology go wonky and they’re sucked into the pages of his story. The teenagers become participants, finding themselves living the adventure along with their teenager grandfather as he pursues Russian spies.



A microchip possessing a password to a secret Russian offshore bank account falls into the hands of a single mom. Pursed by Russian gangsters, she and her six-year-old son are on the run. But the one she should fear the most is a new boyfriend who comes to rescue her.


The Great Canadian Gold Heist

Two grizzled down-on-their-luck bush pilots, desperate for money, are duped with big bucks by criminals to fly a milk run, only to find themselves the fall guys to a gold heist. The ruse has the deck stacked against them -- to escape police and young South African mercenaries and prove their innocents, they’ll need more than a wing and a prayer.