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The Strange Reality of Sally Parker

PILOT: A group of benevolent aliens risk exposure to rescue one of their own and ensure the safety of a beloved teenage cyborg, engineered for a future mission to save Earth. SERIES: A teenage cyborg engineered to develop a mind-altering computer game that could save humanity, battles a psychopathic CIA operative and a gang of alien marauders intent on pillaging Earth.

Written by: Diana Black    

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Format: TV Pilot
Budget: Mid
Starring Roles For: Elle Fanning
Jude Law
Joe Alwyn
Posted: 01/16/2018
Updated: 03/04/2020
Author Bio: Diana is an optioned screenwriter and a finalist in competitions with features and teleplays. She's a professional actor with a Bachelor of Creative Arts - Drama, Film & TV. She's a ScreenwritingU Alumni and has been mentored by award winning Writer/Producer Larry Brody.

Contest Results: People's Pilot (Finalist, Second Place Runner-up (5th)) [2017]