The Strange Reality of Sally Parker

PILOT: Benevolent aliens risk their lives to rescue one of their own and ensure the safety of a beloved teenage cyborg, engineered for a future mission. SERIES: A teen cyborg engineered to help perfect a mind-altering computer game, battles a psychopathic CIA operative and a gang of alien marauders, intent on enslaving Earth.

A Sci-Fi Thriller over five-seasons... Humanity is destroying Earth’s biosphere. THE GUARDIANS, an alien race secretly monitoring this sector of the Galaxy, refuse to interfere with the evolution of life on a planet except when the planet’s biosphere and natural evolution is compromised by a species out of control. In that case, the rogue species is eradicated.

Two years into his undercover mission to monitor Earth, the compassionate and rebellious Guardian, ELEN, finds a human baby abandoned in the Scandinavian wilderness. Out of love and compassion - both forbidden towards alien species, he adopts her. He and fellow team member, the gentle and wise, ALBIN, secretly raise SALLY as one of their own.

At the GUARDIAN COUNCIL meeting on his home planet, ‘Vardaran’, Elen reluctantly reports, “Total ecological collapse of Earth’s biosphere is likely within eighty years. The cause - Homo sapiens, also known as humans.” His ambitious younger brother, GALEN, rising up the ranks via his reputation of successfully eliminating problem species throughout the sector, urges the Council to instigate immediate eradication of humans and the entire Primate Order. Elen manages to buy humanity time by insisting he complete the acquisition of the DNA profiles of all non-Primate life on Earth - current and recently extinct, for later restoration. The Council agrees.

Sally’s now seventeen and it’s time she left to explore the world beyond the confines of the secret, underground lab. She must learn about humanity if she’s to help avert their imminent destruction. To help her assimilate and protect the Guardians from detection Elen, wipes her memory, but haunting fragments of her memory remain and she’s not going alone. Albin, keen to explore humanity, meta-morphs into a piglet companion. A true measure of humanity’s faults and virtues would be to see how they treat the most vulnerable.

Nor is Sally unprepared for the worst. As a baby she was enhanced with cybernetic implants. While she remains unaware of this, Elen believes the untapped power she now possesses will instinctively keep her safe amongst the “primitive, violent, technologically clever apes.”

Some Guardians, including Elen, have the ability to see into the future and manipulate time. Elen, desperately seeking an alternative to the eradication of humanity, believes Sally is the key to turning that fate around. If the future timeline holds, she’ll help transform humanity into ethical beings with the will and empathy to reverse the damage done to the biosphere and earn their species and the Primate Order, a reprieve.

That future will require Sally to win over one of Elen’s closest and reluctant friends...

SANKHARA is an ancient life-form - a sentient, highly evolved and autonomous AI with no love of humans. Even watching Sally grow into a sweet young adult and teaching her amazing computer skills, Sankhara isn’t convinced she has what it takes. Elen urges Sankhara to develop “Future” - a highly addictive, open-world video game using fractal algorithms and subliminal beta- and theta- wave manipulation that will rewrite the Gamer’s DNA - resulting in permanent changes to their behavior. If critical uptake is achieved, ethical behavior will become a universal meme thereby transforming humanity. Sankhara reluctantly complies. However, in its current state the game is flawed, with it making sociopaths worse not better. Elen insists it must work, or it will be ‘game over’. Meanwhile the Guardian Council, including Galen, are unaware of his secret plan and getting impatient.

Now out in the world, the sweet, naïve Sally, and the adventurous Albin aka Piglet, embark on a ‘wild ride’. Some of their encounters with others are friendly, others are life-threatening...

When Sally comes home she and Sankhara perfect “Future”. The evidence of it taking effect becomes clear, putting Sally in the ‘sights’ of an old enemy - DESMOND RAINES. He’s risen to the top of the CIA ‘Black Ops’ into cybercrime and has a old score to settle with Sally. He’ll break her if he has to get to the coding of the game.

Through no real fault of her own, Sally has also become an enemy of the BARENGI CLONES, known as the B-GIRLS. They come from a race of aliens known to be as unscrupulous and depraved as the Guardians are renowned for being ethical and sublime. Together with Desmond, the B-GIRLS are determined to destroy Sally and those she loves, if that’s what it takes to get what they want.

Through all the trials Sally faces, she comes to understand the true nature of love and sacrifice for the sake of family. While Elen loves her dearly, even he - a powerful and noble Guardian, cannot save her from the painful consequence of the final choice she’s willing to make.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
TV Pilot
Starring Roles For:
Elle Fanning
Jude Law, Michael Fassbender
Author Bio:
Diana’s prior work in science remains a driving force in her screenwriting career - insatiable curiosity and a passion to explore - character. Main focus is the Drama genre, exploring the complex relationship between parent and offspring. The sub-genre - Thriller, provides the basis for the narrative arc. Strengths include creative world-building, empathy, and a highly committed work ethic.

Contest Results:
People's Pilot (Finalist, Second Place Runner-up (5th)) [2017]
Los Angeles International (Quarterfinalist) [2020]