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My (Brief) Life With Oma

A female environmentalist navigates an intense romance with an alien who landed on her lawn. Enthusiastically she tries to implements his water-purifying technology, but is blocked and threatened by the authorities. However, his miracle seeds, which can cure any ailment, spread like wildfire in the small town, and the struggle to keep his identity a secret intensifies. Eventually, Homeland Security and a scheming local blogger catch up with them.

Written by: Mirav Ozeri    

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Format: Screenplay
Starring Roles For: Gal Gadot
Keanu Reeves
A 40 year old woman
In the Vein Of: Shape of Water
Posted: 08/25/2018
Updated: 04/10/2019
Author Bio: Mirav was a documentary filmmaker and a writer before taking a detour to become producer/editor at CBS News. This is her forth screenplay.