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Shanice Wellington struggling with two jobs to pay her rent all while dealing with attempting to live her : best life " in a Millenial Era with her four friends .

Written by: Charles J Lewis    

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Format: TV Pilot
Budget: Micro
Starring Roles For: A young Helen Mirren type
A young Meagan Good type
A young Salma Hayek type
In the Vein Of: Sex in the City
Will & Grace
Posted: 09/15/2019
Updated: 09/15/2019
Author Bio: I am the new , emerging , original " voice" of the screenwriting industry ! So far , Topher Rhys-Lawrence with ATLAS ENTERTAINMENT read the first 10 pages of my heist crime action drama entitled " Just Us " and he provided me with his " CONSIDER " as a writer . Plus , Production Development Executive Lorenzo Keels with MGM read my 28 page sitcom entitled " I GOT YOU ! " and he provided me with his " CONSIDER " as a writer as well .