The Dumb Ox Bellows

A 13th-century friar struggles to revitalize Christian theology using logic and reason, but intellectual opposition from peers, malicious slander by envious brethren, and “slavery of the pen” under two Popes drive him to mental collapse and loss of faith in his life’s work -- until God intervenes miraculously to affirm its merit. The extraordinary, true story of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

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Formerly represented by the late L. Harry Lee, New York.

Executive Producer on "Txtn."

Associate Producer on “Five Years Later.”

Co-Producer on Jason Whittier's "Letting Go," a look at cancer, love and loss, and moving on.

Associate Producer on "The Girl at the End of The World." starring Camilla Jackson.

Associate Producer on Dan McGone's short, "Half & Half."

Associate Producer on "Service of the Dolls, Part 2."

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Kairos Prize (Semifinalist, This was an earlier version) [2015]