After a shocking assassination, citizen and soldier alike plunge into a sinister interplanetary civil war between a corrupt Earth government and a Martian colony that has earned its independence.

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TV Pilot
In the Vein Of:
Battlestar Galactica
Band of Brothers
Author Bio:
James Fox is the Founder and CEO of Dawnrunner and brings with him the creative power of 12 action-packed years in the film industry. As the principal Director for Dawnrunner he has lead the company through numerous award-winning projects He has been recognized within the industry for his passion and determination to advance the industry through education and outreach, and has spoken numerous events. His "breaking down barriers" approach to filmmaking, creativity and technical street-smarts have labeled him a visionary for the future of visual storytelling through new methods and technological innovations.

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Contest Results:
Script Summit (First Place, Best Voice) [2019]
Military Story Showcase (First Place) [2019]
Amsterdam (First Place) [2019]
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