Long Path To Peace

A drug lord's incorruptible son who knows too much, is hidden in the Montana wilderness for his protection, where he saves his mentor - “the father he always wanted”, from a living hell.

SAM PRESTON's tough, ‘boy-from-the-hood' persona is a front. He's a kind and sensitive guy, empathic to the emotions of others. None of these attributes serve him well on the tough streets of Chicago where he’s running from an abusive, drug-lord father, KEITH PRESTON, and his corrupt partner - 'bad-cop', BRAD JACKSON. They can’t hook him on drugs and are out to silence him for knowing too much about their cozy operation and he's willing to testify against them.

When Brad arrests Sam, it's a prelude to a 'death-in-custody'. Police Chief COMMANDER GERARD WATSON, orders "good-cop", LINDEN FAIRFIELD, to secretly abduct Sam and park him out of harm's way in the wilderness of Montana. His old friend and Linden's former mentor, ALBERT GREY OWL, is the only one who can protect Sam. Albert attempts to teach Sam survival skills, but as a committed pacifist with a love for all creatures, Sam is determined not to kill.

Brad and Keith send bounty-hunters in to hunt Sam down with orders to bring him back dead or alive. When Albert saves Sam, his curse of immortality is revealed. He’s being forced to endure a life of guilt and misery for an unforgivable crime. But the day will come when a WARRIOR from the tribe he’s wronged, will execute him and he’ll finally have peace. He longs for that day.

In the meantime, Albert's loneliness and capacity for love is a weapon. Bonding with any of the "lost boys" he's given to nurture and train is fatal - to them. He’s fast losing the battle to lock Sam out of his heart because he bears an uncanny resemblance to Albert's own dead son.

When the Warrior Executioner arrives, Albert abandons Sam in the forest to protect him, but Sam may have started out as a ‘city lad’, he’s now a skilled woodsman and is determined not to lose the father he's always wanted. He finds Albert. Neither are aware that Sam's ultimate act of bravery and love, is the key to Albert's true salvation and Sam's quest for inner peace. But it also means he’ll lose Albert forever.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Alex Pettyfer
Graeme Green
Sean Faris
In the Vein Of:
Winter in the Blood
Barking Water
Author Bio:
I'm an ex science nerd, driven by curiosity. While I no longer explore science concepts, I'm really into exploring Character. My main focus is Drama, often exploring the complex relationship between parent and offspring. The sub-genres Thrillers and Sci-Fi, often provide the basis for the narrative arc. Strengths include building rich story worlds, creating empathy via 3-D Characters, and a highly committed, "whatever-it-takes" work ethic. Optioned, and a Comp Finalist for Features & TV

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Contest Results:
BIFF Montana (Semifinalist, Invited to attend and informally pitch at the Big Fork Film Festival, Oct 2020) [2020]
ScreenCraft SciFi (Quarterfinalist) [2017]
Los Angeles International (Quarterfinalist) [2018]