The Contractor

A tile contractor in California turns into a C.I. for the ATF and runs a legal brothel in south Los Angeles until a drug dealer tries to blow his head off over a bathtub in Sunland.

“The Contractor” By Mark Mc Quown and Berdine LaVoy Synopsis A young Detroit teenager digs himself out of a broken community with terrible street violence – gets an education and ends up in Los Angeles as a professional Contractor with an emphasis on ceramic tile and reclaimed building materials.

In a short amount of time, Blaine Turner becomes the ceramic tile manufacturer for the stars and celebrities in sports, movies, writers, and singers. He is invited to the best parties with such well-known icons as Timothy Leary and other famous people of Los Angeles. He also becomes an avid gun enthusiast and educates himself in gun lore and gun usage and eventually becomes a collector of firearms.

Blaine has a large warehouse on Brazil St. behind the Gentlemen’s Club in Los Angeles where he keeps a large inventory of tile and antique building materials. He converts part of the warehouse upstairs into a giant loft and shares his digs with a number of women who are working girls. Besides being gifted in the Contracting business, Blaine is a good photographer and uses his skills to photograph women and post those photographs on the Internet.

After several of his guns were stolen and show up in the hands of Los Angeles gangsters, Blaine is raided by a joint task force of the LAPD, ATF and the DEA. After serving time in L.A. County Jail, he is approached by a Federal Law Enforcement Agency, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms or the ATF who believe Blaine could help them by acting as a Confidential Informant or a CI, buying narcotics and firearms from Los Angeles gangsters with the purpose of getting firearms and criminals off the streets.

Blaine accepts the position feeling it is his civic duty and the ATF allow Blaine to run a brothel in his loft as part of his cover for the job. Slowly, Blaine acquires a stable of very beautiful women who think they are working for themselves out of Turner’s loft. These women slowly bring their johns to the loft to meet Blaine and in a short time, it becomes the place to go for women, partying or to sell firearms and narcotics or all of the above.

The loft becomes a hangout for celebrities and non-celebrities alike who all enjoy Blaine’s company and who trust him explicitly by selling him narcotics and firearms. The business takes off like a bunch of wild horses and Blaine is at the top of his game buying guns and drugs and delivering them to the Feds who open 13 investigations with the evidence in a few short months.

When it all seems like it could last forever, one of Blaine’s girls finally tells a john her feelings and that john in turns tells a few gun and drug dealers that they are dealing with a snitch and someone needs to pop a cap in his head before everyone involved goes to jail.

In a moment in time, while lying across a dealers bathtub, Blaine is about to have his head shot off except the Feds raid the place and save his life in the last second. He is rescued from the gun dealer’s home, bandaged up and sent home while raids are made from Hollywood to the San Fernando Valley. Blaine returns back into society with the promise that if he ever wanted to start again, the ATF would set him up in any city in the US, no questions asked.

This is based on a true story. In 2012 a Federal news release about the operation was made public. The Feds dubbed it “Operation Hollywood Confidential”.

Script Excerpt
Starring Roles For:
Adrien Brody
a young Kate Winslett
Angelina Jolie
In the Vein Of:
inspired by true events
LA Confidential
inspired by true events
Author Bio:
Mark Mc Quown is the co-screenwriter of the feature, “PJ”, starring John Heard, Vincent Pastore, Robert Picardo, Hallie Kate Eisenberg and company. This film is partially based on Mark’s award-winning play of the same title. Mr. Mc Quown has won many writing awards for the following; “The Rocking Horse Christmas”, first place in the animation genre at The Santa Clarita International Film Festival in 1997, Quarter Finalist in The Chesterfield Screenplay Fellowship in 1997 with “Pier 21”, Semi Finalist in The Chesterfield in 1998 with “The China Tiger”, Quarter Finalist in 2000 in Scriptapalooza with, “Jane The Legend of Mountain Charley”, Finalist in The International Family Film Festival 2005 with the animated feature, “The Cat and The Rat” (co screenwriter), Quarter Finalist in The Fade In Magazine Screenplay Contest in 2005 with, “The Missing Link” and Quarter Finalist in The Zoetrope contest in 2007 with “The Sudan”.

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