A dream holiday turns nightmarish when a family encounters a malicious wolf and traders in fresh human organs.

A strange curse has taken hold of a hospital in Montana: for decades the first born on Halloween is blinded by a vengeful wolf-spirit. However, when Katrina is the first to give birth this Halloween, her newborn, Tracy, is spared blindness. Instead the wolf-spirit attempts to use Tracy as a fifth columnist in its war against humans.

Years later, with five-year-old Tracy in tow, Katrina flies to Sydney, Australia, to search for Tracy’s human-father: cheating married executive Thomas. Of course, Thomas avoids any contact with the pair.

While driving, Thomas is destined to be hit on the driver’s side by a Hummer running a red light, probably killing him. But an image (Tracy’s) on his windshield is mistaken by Thomas for a real child and he stomps on the brakes and inadvertently avoids being hit by the Hummer.

After the near-death experience, Thomas turns over a new leaf. He leaves his stressing career behind and takes wife Sandra and six-year-old daughter Belle on a tour around south-east Australia in a Winnebago.

His intention is to re-bond with Sandra and for the first time become a for-real dad to Belle.

Stopping in a desert, Belle discovers a skeleton (Katrina’s) with a bullet in its skull. Her father makes light of the matter for Belle’s sake, but he suspects foul play. Along the way the family comes across an apparently lost little girl (Tracy), who appears nameless and muted but is determined to reclaim Thomas as her father by ridding Belle, whose life twice comes under threat by a huge wolf.

To make matters worse the Winnebago comes under attack by men hired by Dr Baier, who runs a human-organ processing plant, resulting in the capture of the family.

When still-alive Belle is about to have her heart and lungs removed, with the blessing of Tracy, she and her family are puzzlingly saved by Tracy’s wolf-father. In the up-and-down battle against Dr Baier, joined in by Tracy’s adoptive Aboriginal tribe and her wolf-father, Dr Baier’s mercenaries are finally defeated, but only to be followed by a bizarre finalé: a battle to the death between Thomas and the wolf to see which father is to have custody of Tracy.

Tracy saves Thomas and she is adopted by him and Sandra.

Howlingween is the first in a quadrilogy of stories. Howlingween 2: Clarry the Clown is the sequel, which takes the Forran family from regional Australia to an exotic Indian island to battle a murderous clown. In Howlingween 3: Red River County, the hapless Forrans are happy to have an eventless, even boring, holiday in Florida – alas, it is not to be. But, having survived killer Jack O’Beggar and upon leaving Red River County, the hapless family meets its greatest challenge in Howlingween 4: Beastly Mist … an intelligent swarm of voracious flying mites. It appears the fourth instalment may be the final as Wolf becomes mortal, a normal sized wolf, who joins a pack of wolves in Montana, where his story had begun back in 1891. We’ve come full-circle.

Script Excerpt
Written by:
Starring Roles For:
Australian actor aged c.34
Australian actress aged c.33
American actress aged 5-7
In the Vein Of:
Halloween (1978)
RV (2006)
The Wolf Man (1941)
Author Bio:
I'm a happily unproduced screenwriter.

I've been writing screenplays proper since 2007 and can showcase (as at April 2021) nine of them.

I would love to have one of my screenplays produced, but several factors have to come together for this to happen. In the meantime, I keep writing and this very act makes me happy.

However, since completing my latest, Howlingween 4: Beastly Mist, I've had six false starts, because each of the storylines lacked sufficient emotional investment on my part to carry them beyond the beginning.

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