A mysterious shadow organization launches the political career of a dynamic woman, pre-destined to change the world. Yet, this same organization has other plans, as it conspires with the VP candidate to take her out, and overthrow the country.

This is the remarkable tale of Isabel Flores Ramirez, who overcomes tremendous tragedy, early in life, but ultimately achieves business and political success with the aid of a mystery group, known as the Phantom Council. The Council introduces Isabel to Sebastian Neuhauser, an "up and comer" within the ranks of the Pentagon. Sebastian specializes in the field of Battlefield Robotics and Aerial Surveillance.

As a team, they are about to create history, and pull off an impossible victory, winning the 2024 U.S. Presidential General Election as Independent Candidates. But, not everything, is as it seems, as the Council has a hidden agenda for Isabel and the Country.

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In the Vein Of:
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Back To The Future
Angel Has Fallen
Author Bio:
Joe Leone is an American Screenwriter with nearly 6 years of experience as a Marketing Coordinator for Paramount Pictures Motion Picture Marketing Administration and another year as a Story Analyst for Prelude Pictures and Kamin & Howell Entertainment. While attending Chapman University in Orange, California, I produced an award-winning student film, which was purchased and distributed by Pyramid Films (Santa Monica, CA).

Screenwriter of TRUE DESTINY (FEATURE FILM SCREENPLAY) – selected in a total of (57) Film Festival / Screenplay Competitions in (8) Countries over the past 16 months.

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Contest Results:
Depth of Field (First Place) [2019]
Hollywood Screenplay (First Place) [2019]
Back in the Box (First Place) [2018]
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