After a shocking assassination, citizen and soldier alike plunge into a sinister interplanetary civil war between a corrupt Earth government and a Martian colony that has earned its independence.

Sol is a hard-science-fiction war drama series that focuses on a realistic prediction of humans’ first experience with extraplanetary colonization politics and massive fleet-sized space combat. Set in the year 2242 and inspired by future-setting hard-scifi series of old, the series plunges us into a bitter civil war pitting the beleaguered Colonial Martian Rebels against the might of the United Nations Interplanetary Council (UNIC) and their Protectorate Armed Forces. Appealing to the massive sci-fi audiences who have been craving a more provocative and edgy approach to the genre, with gritty realism and brutish violence inspired by war epics like Band of Brothers and fictional roller-coaster dramas like Game of Thrones. Sol is a glimpse of our potential future in the vacuum of space. The series explores a future of promise and peril, in which technology substantiates stunning possibilities of advancement coupled with horrifying truths of destruction. This deeply emotional war-torn world has a rich tangled web of character-driven plot, heart-wrenching action, love, loss, and nerve-wracking subterfuge. All of which drives us to cheer for our heroes victories, and mourn their losses.

Episode 1 Synopsis:

A year ago, the assassination of the United Nations Interplanetary Council President on Mars has turned the once hopeful planet into the largest war zone in human history. Edward McAaron leads the Martian rebels from behind a desk, while General Keith Brennan's leads them on the ground. Brennan launches a massive effort to seize control of Protectorate Defensive Positions and drive them off-world. Protectorate forces surrender and even defect to this "Red Army" as almost half of the Martian cities fall under rebel control. Meanwhile, Sergeant Heather Umani drops from orbit with her battalion behind enemy lines into Hellas city; in hopes of breaking through the Martian defenses. Helena Chu, the elected governor of Mars remains a political prisoner to the ruthless Secretary of Public Information Minnie Farina; and is forced to legalize every political and military decision made by the Protectorate and UNI while spreading propaganda aimed at the treasonous separatists. Lisa Colt, a young Protectorate pilot earns herself a spot on a new task force charged with hunting and killing a notorious pirate who preys on merchant ships in the Trojan Belt.

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TV Pilot
In the Vein Of:
Battlestar Galactica
Band of Brothers
Author Bio:
James Fox is the Founder and CEO of Dawnrunner and brings with him the creative power of 12 action-packed years in the film industry. As the principal Director for Dawnrunner he has lead the company through numerous award-winning projects He has been recognized within the industry for his passion and determination to advance the industry through education and outreach, and has spoken numerous events. His "breaking down barriers" approach to filmmaking, creativity and technical street-smarts have labeled him a visionary for the future of visual storytelling through new methods and technological innovations.

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Script Summit (First Place, Best Voice) [2019]
Military Story Showcase (First Place) [2019]
Amsterdam (First Place) [2019]
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