An inspirational drama about a disabled dog who assists a recently disabled young athlete find renewed purpose in his life.

A young track star (Gabriel Gonzales) with Olympic aspirations and a very promising future, loses his legs from the knees down, in a tragic car accident. His Mother, concerned with her son’s well-being, takes Gabriel to an animal shelter that rescues beaten and abused animals. A Golden Retriever, named COOP, grabs his attention. Inspired with the “never quit / never say never” attitude that Coop exhibits, and a recommendation from his Orthopedic Specialist, Gabriel looks into acquiring Blade Prosthetics that will allow him to run fast, very fast, once again. Along with his High School Track Coach (Gene Sanderson) and a dog that is full of life and spirit, they aid Gabe in pursuit of his Olympic dream at the 2028 Los Angeles Paralympics.

After qualifying in the US Paralympic Trials, Gabe learns that Coop is very sick. He races home, only to learn that Coop has stomach cancer. Gabe decides to stick by his best friend, until the end. However, he promises to dedicate an Olympic victory in honor and memory of his pal “Coop.”

Written by:
Starring Roles For:
20's Latino Actor
40s Hispanic/Mayan woman
In the Vein Of:
Without Limits
The Rookie
Sea Biscuit
Author Bio:
Joe Leone is an American Screenwriter with over 150 film festival/screenplay competition selection/awards in more than 10 countries. His additional experience includes nearly 6 years as a Marketing Coordinator for Paramount Pictures Motion Picture Marketing Administration and as a Story Analyst for Prelude Pictures and Kamin & Howell Entertainment. While attending Chapman University in Orange, California, he produced an award winning student film, which was purchased and distributed by Pyramid Films (Santa Monica, CA).

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Contest Results:
Depth of Field (First Place) [2020]
SoCal Film Festival (First Place, DIAMOND AWARD WINNER (Oct, 20)) [2020]
Inroads Fellowship (Finalist, 1,200 (+) submitted entries) [2020]
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