Locked in separate booby-trapped rooms, two women are given 90 minutes to decide which of them will live, or they'll both die, but as secrets are revealed, the line between who is worthy and who isn't begins to blur.

An NSA code breaker and a nuclear scientist find themselves in a room with a descending ceiling and a clock ticking down to their death. A psychotic genius has placed them there and provided each with different clues to solve riddles and puzzles.

They are in adjoining rooms and can see and hear one another but cannot directly interact. Just as they begin to make progress on solving riddles by using their combined knowledge they discover that only one door can be opened.

The reality that together they hold the keys to getting out but only one can make it sinks in. They go back and forth on who deserves to survive as the clock continues to get closer to zero.

Eventually they decide on which should survive until more information about their true identity changes everything.

One character decides to sacrifice themselves for the other, but instead their own escape door opens. This character then makes their escape only to discover that the other person has been the mastermind all along and that their escape has only just begun.

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30's female
40s age woman
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My television show, Astro Alyssa, is currently in pre-production and I have written several short films that are currently in production. I have also been a finalist in many reputable writing competitions in various formats including Screencraft, Creative World Awards, Table Read My Screenplay, Fresh Voices, Shore Scripts, Filmmatic, and more.

Contest Results:
Filmmatic Horror (Finalist) [2019]