Major Players 2: Thunder vs Lightning

After defeating a seemingly invincible opponent and severing ties with his manipulative cousin, a boxer must face an even more intimidating foe.

Major Players 2: Thunder vs Lightning - sports/crime/drama

After defeating Mario' The Monster' Oliver and surviving an attempted murder plot by his cousin Vince, Raymond' Ray Ray' Demps finally gets his life on track. He and Heaven are in a flourishing relationship, Nicole Avery has signed on to be his manager, and Joe Henry is still in his corner.

Santiago gets sentenced to 10 years in prison, which upsets his Colombian cartel boss Javier. He sends his right-hand man, Manuel, to Atlanta to find the rat who sabotaged his southeast drug operation.

Nicole gets a Raymond a fight against Landon Calloway in Las Vegas for the WBC and IBF cruiserweight championship. Raymond puts on a show, defeating Landon, becoming the cruiserweight champion.

Mario' The Monster' Oliver falls into a deep depression after his loss to Raymond. The doctors put him on the shelf for four months to recover from a broken collarbone. His dad Gino Oliver tells him to relax and recover, and they will come up with a plan to get his career back on track.

Raymond finds a piece of commercial real-estate that he wants to purchase and gets news that Cutie's daughter Sasha needs a home. He and Nicole decide on joint custody. They later get the news that Sasha needs surgery on a tumor in her small intestines.

Nicole gets Raymond a rematch with Mario for a million dollars. Gino raises the stakes by offering Raymond match against his older son, the WBO heavyweight champion Leo' Lightning in a Bottle' Oliver, which profoundly upsets Mario. Joe and Nicole try to persuade Raymond out of the match because of the size differential, but the money is too good to turn down.

Raymond goes to see Ebony at her new club and informs her that he plans to ask Heaven for her hand in marriage. He proposes to Heaven, and she turns him down, choosing to keep things the way they are for now. Raymond heads off to do a promo tour around the US with Nicole and Joe to promote his upcoming title about against Leo.

Raymond goes to see Vince, who is doing a 25-year bid in Seagalville State Prison. He warns Raymond of an out of town problem headed his way because of the Federal raid.

Manuel touches down in Atlanta and begins his search for the rat that sent Federal agents to Santiago's door. His underling Diego tells him Raymond is the rat that they took down their operation. They begin the search for Raymond. They go to the club and confront Teddy about Raymond's whereabouts. Teddy blows them off, not giving up Raymond's location. They go Joe's boxing and questions Justin and Joe's assistant, Houston, sending a threat to Raymond.

Gino offers Nicole the opportunity to manage Leo and Mario but tells her that she has to drop Raymond as a client. He ups the anty by offering her the 10 % management fee from Chevrolet, Under Armour, and Subway. Nicole agrees and has a heart to heart with Raymond, telling him that she will place him under another management company and send the corporate sponsors to him. A highly upset Raymond tells her that he doesn't need her sympathy.

Mario gets injured in a car accident after drinking and driving. His fiancé Zorha warns him to get his act together, or she will leave him. He tells Leo that he's quitting boxing because they don't believe that he can beat Raymond. Leo thoroughly chastises him, telling him to man-up and get it together. Leo is awarded the key to the city and claims Atlanta as his own.

Nicole realizes that she made a mistake dropping Raymond as a client and ask him to forgive her. He tells her that he forgives her, but they can't work together. Raymond takes control of his career and starts the difficult task of preparing to take on Leo. He is confronted by Manuel, who tells him he is in debt with his boss Javier for $5,000,000. Raymond tells Manuel who Javier is and to take a hike. Manuel tells him he will kill his friends and lastly him if they don't get the money.

Raymond receives a call from his old pal and now Mayor P.J. Brooks, who asks him to visit the guys at Wellington because they need some spiritual uplifting. Raymond agrees, and he and Joe make their way to Wellington. The guys are excited to see Raymond and Joe. Warden Rainey introduces Raymond to a new cruiserweight fighter, Jameer Yancy, who got transferred to Wellington. Raymond realizes that Jameer is being groomed to fight him.

Raymond and swings by his hometown Washington, DC, before heading back to Atlanta. He goes to the old neighborhood and stops by the gravesite of Kamoni Carter and sees his mom. They have a heart to heart, and Raymond closes the chapter on the death of Kamoni.

Nicole stops by Joe's boxing gym to give Raymond the last of his belongings. They have a heart to heart, and he brings her back on the team. Justin goes missing, and Raymond searches the city looking for him. Manuel calls Raymond and tells him that he has Justin. Raymond offers him collateral for Justin's release. Raymond calls Mayor Brooks, asking for help to get Justin back. Mayor Brooks sends a hired gun to help get Justin back.

Heaven agrees to marry Raymond and informs him that she's pregnant. An elated Raymond goes all in preparing for Leo. The fight goes down, and a heavy favored Leo tries to end Raymond's career. Raymond shows the heart of a lion making the fight competitive. All hell breaks loose, and the referee calls the fight. The crowd cheers for Raymond, and he earns everyone's respect.

Script Excerpt
Starring Roles For:
Stephan James
Kurt Russell
Paula Patton
In the Vein Of:
New Jack City
Author Bio:
My name is Arthur Demetrius Glenn, and I am a screenwriter/producer/director currently living in the Washington, DC, metro area. I have written nine screenplays with four finishing Quarterfinals to Finals of screenwriting competitions. I plan to shoot my first feature film in the Washington, DC, metro area in the late fall of 2020 or early spring of 2021.